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Le Vigne di Zamo Tocai Friulano

I’ve had the good fortune to visit the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region, featured in this month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday, several times on business. I went to Trieste which is about as far round you can go in Italy in a north east direction before you hit Slovenia. It’s a very pleasant place, obviously Italian but with a […]

Christmas at the BC Wine Appreciation Society

The mood was festive, as it always is, at the BCWAS Christmas party and tasting.  Plenty of sparkles and bling were in evidence as our usual gang of suspects gathered to check out a selection of Christmas offerings from around the province.
Naturally, there was sparkling wine to start the evening – Steller’s Jay from Sumac […]

Putting On A Wine Party

… or “How To Host A Wine Party The Wrong Way With The Right Results”

My wife and I decided during our first year of marriage (4 1/2 years ago now) that we wanted to have a wine tasting party. We started off with a few friends, each bringing a couple of bottles to share, some […]

Terra Rosa Old Vines Malbec

Being one who is always interested in trying out unusual wine varietals, I was thrilled to come across a bottle of 2004 Terra Rosa Mendoza Old Vines Malbec, as Malbec has been my go-to red wine for much of the past year. I love its rich flavors and mellow aromas, happily sipping a glass by […]

Sipping Riesling with Johannes Selbach

I’m still on the quest for one of the Toro wines from Frank’s Spanish Wine Educators course. Nothing at the BC Liquor Store, nothing at the two private wine stores located geographically closest to home. By the time I snag a scarcer-than-Toro-wine parking spot outside the Kitsilano Wine Cellar – one of my favourite though […]

Organic Wines

The phrase “organic wines” is definitely not one that’s bandied about too often.  And “vegan wines?”  Probably even less.  But that might change if you take a wander over to Organic Vintners.  An online shop offering up a wide range of both vegan and biodynamic white and red wines, they start at a bargain $9 […]

And Now for Something Completely Different… Beer

I know, I know… This is a wine blog. It should be about wine. But wait… It is about wine, kinda. Bear with me… Before the explanatory bit, let’s just gaze lovingly.

Isn’t that lovely?
Before I talk about how this could possibly be wine related, let’s talk a little bit about the folks who made the […]

Wines From The Cellar: How Do They Perform?

Since I review new release wines most of the time, some of my cellar wines frequently get ignored.  However, I pulled out a couple a bottles to review and share with family and friends on a recent vacation in upstate New York.  The two bottles I chose where the Plumpjack 2000 “McWilliams Oakville Vineyard” Cabernet […]

When Do You Give Up on a Winery?

I am always a sucker for a pretty cover, whether it is on a book or on a wine. Growing up, prowling the shelves at the library (which is really easy when you work there shelving books), I’d pull a book off the shelf and, based on a quick look at the cover, decide if […]

Connecticut Vineyards Part II: Chamard Winery

I was really excited to go to Chamard Winery in Clinton, CT. It is about an hour away from home and I felt like this could become my new regular hangout. What makes it even better is that it’s about a mile away from one of my other favorite places–the Clinton Crossings Outlet Shopping Mall! So […]