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A Wine for WBW

For once I am ahead of the game! I have found, consumed and written up a wine for the next round of Wine Blogging Wednesday.
Yep, over on Spittoon, if the ’schedule’ facility works correctly, there will appear a wonderful little post on the delights of a white from Venezia Giulia, Italy. It is all primed for […]

Putting On A Wine Party

… or “How To Host A Wine Party The Wrong Way With The Right Results”

My wife and I decided during our first year of marriage (4 1/2 years ago now) that we wanted to have a wine tasting party. We started off with a few friends, each bringing a couple of bottles to share, some […]

Black Dog Mulled Wine

Southern Living magazine recently ran a piece on grabbing celebratory drinks while on the go during the upcoming holiday season. One of the drinks they featured was Black Dog Mulled Wine, a drink hailing from the Chateau Morrisette in Floyd, Virginia. They take a semidry, red wine and heat and infuse it with “cinnamon sticks, […]


I helped out at an event devoted to Prosecco last week. DOC Prosecco is experiencing a steady growth in sales in Europe with 40,200,000 bottles of 2006 sparkling Prosecco DOC sold to date. This was the first major tasting in the UK for 32 of the most important producers all from the DOC area of […]

Wines of Argentina

Argentina has been the focus of my studies over the past 2 weeks or so. I may have passed my geography exams at school, but I would have been hard pressed to accurately locate it on a map of South America until recently. When you do learn a bit more about its geography, it explains […]

LuxeHome and Wine Spectator Launch Chill

LuxeHome and Wine Spectator are hosting a high-end wine and culinary event presenting over 35 wine makers. Out for tasting will be wines from around the world paired with signature dishes from some of Chicago’s most notable chefs.
Hosted in LuxeHome’s 29 luxury kitchen, bath and building products boutiques, Chill will benefit the Respiratory Health Association […]

Napa Valley and Terroir

I attended a great seminar last week run by the Napa Valley Vintners Association and organised by the Institute of Masters of Wine. It was entitled Napa Valley terroir. Now terroir is something us European wine lovers are led to believe is an Old World concept shunned by some parts of the New World. This […]

Vinitaly is going to land in US

Are you ready? You can see the best italian wine fair directly in US: Chicago followed by San Francisco and Los Angeles. It’s a part of the Vinitaly World Tour 2007, which will stop also in Tokyo on 27 November, for the 2nd Exhibition of the best italian wines, and in Shanghai, 29 November-1 December, for […]

Preparing For A Wine Party

Halloween seems far off right now, in the heat of summer where temps this week in Ohio are supposed to be around 98 degrees F.  However, the Halloween weekend is a big deal at my house, and we’re already preparing for it.
We don’t have kids, and that’s not likely to change.  We won’t be in […]

Wine Tasting Debauchery…A growing trend?

Just saying the words ‘Wine Tasting’ conjure up images of quiet serenity; sedate folks swirling rhythmically, seeking out color nuances and aromas and lifting crystal glasses to their lips to procure a small sip that is contemplated thoroughly before either spitting or swallowing.
This is how it should be, and at most wine tastings I have been […]