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Small Plates, Perfect Wines

Small Plates, Perfect Wines, a new cookbook from Andrews McMeel Publishing, featuring mouthwatering recipes and wine pairing tips, is now on bookstore shelves and available to order online.
Meze, tapas, antipasti, antojitos–no matter what you call them, small plates offer big flavor, and this is a style of dining and entertaining that has taken the country […]

Dispelling Wine Myths

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, people will be uncorking bottles of wine the world over.  After all, when you think romance, wine is never far behind.  In her book, The Simple & Savvy Wine Guide, author Leslie Sbrocco suggests “a deep red wine such as a sparkling Shiraz” as the perfect drink to celebrate the […]

Discover Four Heart-Healthy Diets

Have you heard?  Red wine is actually good for you.  Along with a nutritionally balanced diet, of course, and everything in moderation, so says Roger Corder in his book, The Red Wine Diet.  A perfect gift for your fellow wine-lover or to use when planning your next wine tasting party.  In the book, Corder reveals […]

Wine and Golf

The impending publication of a yet another wine book has set me thinking of the similarities between wine and golf. Bear with me as there are similarities and I don’t think it’s just a personal view.
I’ve been a keen golfer all my life (well, I am a Scot) and have acquired quite a collection of […]

Book Review: Red, White and Drunk All Over…A Wine Soaked Journey from Grape to Glass by Natalie MacLean

There are definitely perks to being a part of WellFed, as I found out recently when I received a personal email from author Natalie MacLean asking me if I would be interested in receiving her free online newsletter, NatDecants. She had received my name from this very site, Wine Sediments, and mentioned that her newsletter […]

Kendall Jackson’s The Art of Terroir

To celebrate their 25th Anniversary, Kendall-Jackson is launching ‘The Art of Terroir,’ a coffee table book filled with exquisite images giving a rare and insider’s glimpse to their private and elite mountain and hillside estate vineyards. Located in Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Lake, Santa Barbara and Monterey Counties, these 14,000 acres of elevated, coastal vineyards are […]

Book Review: “Women of the Vine”

“Women of the Vine” promises to “connect with today’s women in the wine industry, whose passions dictate how they lead their lives, how they fight adversity and conquer gender stereotypes in an often male-dominated workplace.” By presenting 20 women involved in the wine industry, author Deborah Brenner had a golden chance to paint a clear […]

Book Review: Educating Peter

Lettie Teague is the wine editor of Food and Wine magazine, a James Beard Distinguished Writer Award winner and a monthly columnist for Wine Matters magazine. In her new book, Educating Peter, she is also a consummate guide to all things wine related for Rolling Stone movie critic Peter Travers; described as a ‘complete wine […]

Secrets From The Wine Diva

Food and wine is the first section of any wine book that I flick to. Is it going to be perfunctory, clichéd, adding little to the banal generalisations of others? Or will it enlighten, offer a fresh twist and inspire?
Secrets From The Wine Diva has 40 odd pages covering the subject of food and wine. […]

Gods, Mentors, and Wine

This weekend, while helping an older gentleman put up some of his belongings, we came upon a treasure trove of older books. Books about the wine business, especially the history of wine, books about Burgundy and Italy, Portugal and early California. One ancient book aroused my attention, Gods, Men, and Wine, by William Younger . Almost impossible […]