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Vinitaly 2007, a first assessment

I was in Verona last weekend to be part of the main Italian wine fair. I have attended several time in the, but this time I have notice quite a few more people. In fact, according to the organization of the event, there was a 15% growth in international operators - up to 38 thousand […]

Waiting for Vinitaly 2007

Around 4.300 exhibitors will be at the 41th edition of one of the most important wine fairs in the world: Vinitaly, to be held in Verona, Italy, from 29th March to 2nd April.
Offering more than 84,000 square meters of wine exhibits, an increase over the last event thanks to a new pavilion (7B) which follows […]

Thresher 40% Off Voucher - Another Success?

Threshers, the UK nationwide Off-Licence chain, met with huge success last December with a money off voucher. Such promotions are not usually known for making national (and international) news and front pages of the press.
But this promotion was different. It used the viral nature of blogs to spread the word of the voucher across the […]

What’s the Point?

We must have brought this upon ourselves, in ratings conscious America. Five star dining, 7 point seat belts, 12 step programs. Now we have the ultimate wine rating service.
Just wine points claims we have no time for the details, we want access to the top wines. No clutter, no hassle, just the best rated wines. no […]

Wine Blah Awards ~ Breaking From the Pack

Notes from a few wine pro’s, all of us thinking less about awards and more about a rewarding experience.
Tony McClung of Neil Rosenthal Wine Merchants,“I went to a tasting recently of an Italian importer that I respect very much… I left a bit concerned. I could see a lot of higher alcohol, over-extracted wines creeping […]

Blogger Appointed Director of SWRA

No word on his blog but a press release has just been released that announces that Tom Wark has joined the Specialty Wine Retailers Association As Executive Director.
Wark will lead the association as it works to build a national marketplace for retailer-to-consumer sales in the face of artificial and protectionist barriers to trade.
“Tom’s long background in wine […]

Do the Wealthy Know Wine?

The Luxury Institute is a market research organization that focuses solely on the wealthiest 10% of Americans. They produce several publications with the goal of providing market feedback on what wealthy spend their money. On December 6, the Luxury Institute released their Luxury Brand Status Index (LBSI), which includes the top deluxe table […]

All the Cool People Are Drinking Riesling

The whims of the wine market sure are hard to keep track of these days.  According to Wine Business Monthly, the newest trend is a rise in sales of Riesling. ACNielsen tracks the market and says that Riesling holds the fourth spot in sales and sales are booming.  In fact, for the time period between November 2003 and […]

Free the Grapes

In California’s Wine Country, wine clubs are at every vineyard. Wine clubs allow the consumer to get a subscription of wines delivered on a periodic basis right to their home. Great concept, but, in the US, this isn’t possible in many states. Currently, 17 states only allow wines to be delivered via distributors.
To combat this […]

Gods, Mentors, and Wine

This weekend, while helping an older gentleman put up some of his belongings, we came upon a treasure trove of older books. Books about the wine business, especially the history of wine, books about Burgundy and Italy, Portugal and early California. One ancient book aroused my attention, Gods, Men, and Wine, by William Younger . Almost impossible […]