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Seven Cheap Corkage Spots

Apparently I don’t get out much.  Until recently, I didn’t know that some restaurants charge as much as $250 per bottle for their corkage fee.  Excuse me, but that is insane.  As Lettie Teague in Food and Wine magazine asked recently, “What could you get for $250 that you couldn’t for, say, $25?”
The average cost […]

Wine in the Digital Age: Cyber Surfing Nightmares

I’ve just spent a few hours researching some wines Susan and I are tasting next week. Well, attempting to research would more appropriately describe this exercise in frustration. I’m still astonished how many winery websites are hard to find, poorly laid out, and then give little or no information. Sometimes I dig through page after […]

A Toast to England

While many people know that Champagne is a sparkling wine, frequently, people are unaware that not all sparkling wines are Champagne. Champagne is a special region in northeast France, where the climate, soils, grape varieties, viticultural practices and vinification methods make it an ideal place to create a world class sparkler. While there are certainly […]

Organic Wines

The phrase “organic wines” is definitely not one that’s bandied about too often.  And “vegan wines?”  Probably even less.  But that might change if you take a wander over to Organic Vintners.  An online shop offering up a wide range of both vegan and biodynamic white and red wines, they start at a bargain $9 […]

What’s in a Name? Another New AVA Proposed in CA

As Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a name? Would a rose by any other name still smell as sweet?” Or, more to the point, would a wine labeled by any other AVA still smell (and taste) as wonderful?
An AVA (American Viticultural Area) is a delimited, geographic region used to designate wine regions within the United States. […]

Shaving with Wine???

It’s been around for a while now, but it’s kind of new to me.  Maybe that’s because it’s been focused toward women and not men.  What am I talking about?  Skincare with wine!
Carlo Mondavi, of that family, has started Davi Skin, Inc., a company that makes skincare products using microencapsulated anti-aging ingredients that include wine.
We […]

Building a Vineyard on dreams and sweat- Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote about my friend Nicole Dietman, a budding viticulturist, and the new vineyard she is building on her property in Buffalo, MN. The back-breaking work of digging holes for the trellis system was done in April. Then came the hard, dirty work of actually planting 300 vines in the soil.
This […]

Tasting and comparing wine

I’ve been lucky that through my work supporting the International Wine Challenge, I’ve been able to taste a huge number of wines. This has really helped my WSET Diploma studying. And with my exam on fortified wines only 4 weeks away I need all the help I can get.
I managed to taste a range of […]

Always check the fridge for the remote, and other tips.

I have a small set of wine shops I tend to frequent.
Well, heck, who am I kidding, there’s a single wine shop, or, more to the point, the wine section of my local, slightly upscale grocery store, which I do promise to tell you about in the future. There’s a wine ‘outlet’ in town, but […]

Santé! Wine Job Offers Up in France

France’s number one wine job board, Vitijob, has reported a sharp increase in the number of offers over the past year. “Optimism is coming back” to the French wine market, promises Vinimarket in an April 6th news brief (link in French.)
Vinimarket reports that the number of jobs available on the wine recruitment site is up 70% for the first quarter of […]