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Wine and Food Pairing with CIA Wine & Spirits Professor, Michael Weiss

Part II of Report from the Road: Cakebread Cellars American Harvest Workshop
Cakebreads annual wine and food celebration, the American Harvest Workshop, featured Michael Weiss, who led an informative seminar about wine and food pairing. Weiss, the professor of wine and spirits at Hyde Park, New Yorks Culinary Institute of America, is also the author of
Exploring […]

Report from the Road: Cakebread Cellars American Harvest Workshop 2006

Its been a big year for Cakebread Cellars. The label was recently named the number one most frequently ordered wine label in American restaurants by Wine & Spirits Magazine, and the winery just wrapped up the 20th anniversary of its 20th annual American Harvest Workshop. I was lucky enough to be invited to cover […]

Just in Time for the Holidays

Yes, I said “the holidays.” They’re really not that far away … no sense pretending. While you’re on the party circuit, you’ll, no doubt, want to be a proper guest and tote along a bottle of wine or two. You might want to check out the byobags from Built NY.
A dazzling array of colors, […]

Martha Says…

It’s a common fact that white wines, rose and even a few red wines taste better when they’ve been chilled. I’m not a wine expert, and even I know that. But what if you haven’t had time to plan ahead and properly chill your wine? Getting a properly chilled wine by putting it in the […]

Grown-Up Stuff

One of the pleasures of being a “grown-up” is that we get to have grown-up parties. Although potlucks are fun, so are wine tasting parties. In the recent issue of Blueprint magazine, there is a terrific piece on throwing a wine-tasting dinner. As the tagline promises, “If you can shop and toast […]

Direct Shipping Rules Continue to Confuse

Mike Dunne of the Sacramento Bee made an interesting discovery last week when touring the Finger Lakes region of New York. While the Supreme Court’s decision lifting restrictions on the shipping of wine interstate was met with glee by many wineries, some are still confused about the practical application of the decision. The […]

Grapes Going to the Birds?

While bird lovers might find the image of flocks of small winged starlings soaring above and alighting atop vineyards enchanting, this sight is a nightmare for grape growers and other fruit producers. Starlings are particularly upsetting, since they are quick and efficient when it comes to effectively decreasing crop yields with their greedy beaks.
Traditional […]

New Airline Security Regulations Bad News for Wine

With amped-up security at airports banning any liquid carry-on items, travelers heading home from wine country may be faced with a tough decision. The natural inclination for most has been to carry wine aboard the aircraft, which is no longer an option. A McClatchy-Tribune article explain some winemakers’ fears that the new security measure […]

Blogging for Wine and Profit

The Washington Post ran an interesting article on Saturday about how companies are increasingly supplying bloggers with free stuff to get them writing and talking about their wares.
One of the blogs that received special mention in the piece was a wine blogger I’ve been reading for a couple months named Alan Smith. His blog […]

The Corkage Quandary

As we walked out the door the other night, headed to dinner at a nice restaurant, I dropped by the wine fridge and picked out a nice bottle of wine that Id been saving for a special occasion.
My husband visibly cringed. I dont often take advantage of the fact that most restaurants where we […]