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English Wine in 2008

I wonder if 2008 will be as good as 2007 was for English Wine?
The year has certainly started well with the lifting of the European Union planting ban. This was put in place in 1999 to compensate for the excessive volumes of low quality wine being produced elsewhere in the EU. It prevented the UK […]

A Toast to England

While many people know that Champagne is a sparkling wine, frequently, people are unaware that not all sparkling wines are Champagne. Champagne is a special region in northeast France, where the climate, soils, grape varieties, viticultural practices and vinification methods make it an ideal place to create a world class sparkler. While there are certainly […]


I helped out at an event devoted to Prosecco last week. DOC Prosecco is experiencing a steady growth in sales in Europe with 40,200,000 bottles of 2006 sparkling Prosecco DOC sold to date. This was the first major tasting in the UK for 32 of the most important producers all from the DOC area of […]

Wines of Morocco

I’ve just got back from a week in the very South of Morocco and was surprised to see a number of local wines readily available. Subsequent research in the Oxford Companion to Wine shows that of all the North African countries, Morocco probably has the greatest potential for producing good quality wine. Having tasted a […]

Great Grape Day VIII - Grenache

For this edition of Great Grape Day we are delving into the delights of the Grenache or Garnacha. The former is the French name, the latter Spanish. Both produce wines of distinction and delight from the grape.  Increasingly it is seen in the new world too.
What will the Wine Sediments team discover?
The intention is not […]

A link picked up from Wine Life Today (itself a site worth exploring) a link to a winery website for Caduceus.  
 You have to ask if anything could beat it in the Wine Blog Awards for it just has to be the best winery site around. I dread to think how much it cost to develop […]

Live Links for the Food Blog Awards

One of our very hard working writers has taken the time to make live links for all our FBA nominees to make your voting much easier. I realize that the absence of hyperlinks has been an issue with the polls, but I was not able to find a poll that provided the IP blocking security […]

Maryland Winefest

While Maryland might not be the first place you think of when you’re thinking about wine, wine-minded Marylanders were out in full force the weekend of October 7-8 to taste the offerings of some of Maryland’s finest wineries at the annual Riverside Winefest at Sotterly Plantation.
Eager tasters braved a deluge Saturday and lingering mud on […]

Tesco Extends Fine Wine Range

News for our many UK readers - Finer wines are to appear in the 653 forecourt stores in the Tesco empire (Tesco Express) and the 163 convenience Metro stores so reports Off Licence News (a trade paper). The additions all depend on local demographics of course.
A number of new wines in the fine wine range […]

Wines for the Harvest from Nashoba Valley

Visiting Nashoba Valley Winery during apple-picking season is the closest that eastern Massachusetts gets to the wine tourism madness of Napa. There are too many tasters, not enough cashiers, and like a lot of stops on the California wine buses, the ratio of human density to wine quality is not favorable. But our vintner choices […]