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Every year for the last 6 or so years at Vinitaly, Sicily has been front-and-center in the advance of Italian wine. Wineries such as Planeta and Donnafugata have raised the bar of expectations, while other lesser known wineries, such as Arancio and Colosi have increased interest in easier to access styles of wine. More established […]

Bag-In-Box Wines

Seeing how Wine Blogging Wednesday has bag-in-box and other non-bottle packaging as its theme this month it is a great coincidence that Fine Cooking magazine has an article on exactly the same subject. An email highlighted the piece just as I was penning some thoughts on Spittoon on the WBW theme.
My past experience of bag-in-box […]

Zinfandel — The Eye Opener

When I first started learning about wine, I knew jack about Zinfandel. I knew it was a red. I knew that white zinfandel was what many women ordered in bars when they wanted to look sophisticated but didn’t know any better. I knew there was a section in wine stores for it. But I might […]

Wine Blah Awards ~ Breaking From the Pack

Notes from a few wine pro’s, all of us thinking less about awards and more about a rewarding experience.
Tony McClung of Neil Rosenthal Wine Merchants,“I went to a tasting recently of an Italian importer that I respect very much… I left a bit concerned. I could see a lot of higher alcohol, over-extracted wines creeping […]

New Indiana Wine Trail

According to the Hendricks County Flyer, a local paper in Hendricks County, Indiana now has a new wine trail. It’s called the Indy Wine Trail with seven wineries currently linked, all in central Indiana.
The Indy Wine trail is comprised of Buck Creek Winery, Chateau Thomas Winery, Easley Winery, Ferrin’s Fruit Winery, Grape Inspirations Winery, […]

Master Class ~ Wine as Medicine

We aren’t able to tout the health benefits of wine in America  and health leaders have openly warned against it . In Italy, they don’t have a problem with wine and health. On Dec 5 , 2006 , Giacomo Tachis, the Master of winemakers and consultants in Italy, will give a symposium on Wine as Medicine . […]

Gods, Mentors, and Wine

This weekend, while helping an older gentleman put up some of his belongings, we came upon a treasure trove of older books. Books about the wine business, especially the history of wine, books about Burgundy and Italy, Portugal and early California. One ancient book aroused my attention, Gods, Men, and Wine, by William Younger . Almost impossible […]

Far West Texas Viognier

 Viognier in the Old West?
Winemaker Kim McPherson relies on hard won soil from the Wild West days. This is where he grows his Viognier, an unlikely partner for a place better known for cattle rustlers and bushwackers. But here is where American Vionier has staked their claim in the dry, red dirt of Far West Texas.
Kim Pierce […]

Beaujolais nouveau or Gaillac primeur? A Random Comparative Tasting

Hats off to Gaillac wine producers for making their primeur  wine a commercial success. I would say that here in Southwest France, it has almost dethroned Beaujolais nouveau.
So far, I’ve tasted one Gaillac primeur, from the Domaine de Labarthe , and was impressed by its structure and complexity. With notes of slightly peppered dark cherries — or […]

One great Sicilian white

Most days, I have some wine with dinner, say, “Hmm, I like that,” and then go on with my life. Once in a while, I stumble on a bottle that makes we want to grab strangers by the lapels, shake vigorously, and then recite a treatise on delicious fruitiness and notes of pineapple.
The 2004 Planeta […]