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Wines from China

I’ve been in China for the last 10 days on a guided tour aptly named A Taste of China, and that’s what I’ve been doing – tasting the history, culture, food and of course the wine. To sum it all up, China has huge potential for producing and exporting quality wine – it’s just not […]

Tracking the elusive Pignolo

Calling all wine lovers; quick, tell me about Pignolo wine.
If you’re like me, faced with a bottle of pignolo, you might have gone ‘Huh? Is it white or is it red? And where does it come from? Is it like a pignoli (a pine nut?) What pairs with it?’
To answer all of the above: Red, Italy, No; […]

Organic Wines

The phrase “organic wines” is definitely not one that’s bandied about too often.  And “vegan wines?”  Probably even less.  But that might change if you take a wander over to Organic Vintners.  An online shop offering up a wide range of both vegan and biodynamic white and red wines, they start at a bargain $9 […]

Wines of Morocco

I’ve just got back from a week in the very South of Morocco and was surprised to see a number of local wines readily available. Subsequent research in the Oxford Companion to Wine shows that of all the North African countries, Morocco probably has the greatest potential for producing good quality wine. Having tasted a […]

Building a Vineyard on dreams and sweat- Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote about my friend Nicole Dietman, a budding viticulturist, and the new vineyard she is building on her property in Buffalo, MN. The back-breaking work of digging holes for the trellis system was done in April. Then came the hard, dirty work of actually planting 300 vines in the soil.
This […]

A Tour of the Connecticut Vineyards

Recently, on a beautiful early summer Saturday, it was way too nice to stay home and it really felt like a vacation day. In order to roll with that holiday-like feeling, I thought, what could be better than hanging out at a vineyard and drinking wine all day? So my friends and I decided to visit  […]

Building a Vineyard on dreams and sweat

Living in Minnesota has its rewards; a brief but beautiful summertime, numerous lakes, rivers and streams, gorgeous open plains and dense forests, fresh air and a high quality of life. It’s becoming more known for its restaurants and food scene, and gets either high praise or dubious press over the local professional sports teams.
One thing […]

Always check the fridge for the remote, and other tips.

I have a small set of wine shops I tend to frequent.
Well, heck, who am I kidding, there’s a single wine shop, or, more to the point, the wine section of my local, slightly upscale grocery store, which I do promise to tell you about in the future. There’s a wine ‘outlet’ in town, but […]

Calling All Centenarians: The Wine Century Club

If you’ve been sipping Assyrtiko, Ehrenfelser, Xarel-lo, or Zweigelt lately, chances are you’re eligible for membership in the Wine Century Club. Now more than two years old, this obviously fun-loving group of wine enthusiasts was founded by Deborah and Steve De Long in the spirit of adventurous wine drinkers everywhere. Now I ask you, do […]

Torrontes- The White Wine of Argentina

I have recently fallen in love with Torrontes wine, and I will unabashedly and eagerly introduce you to this amazing varietal.
One sip for me was all it took to be lurched out of my standard white phase of Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio and into the lush and richly flavored Torrontes, a grape with a […]