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Crazy for Spanish Wines: Tempranillo Meets Toro

We have both been busy lately – a little too busy actually and, regretfully, not much of it to do with wine. The wine shelves are almost bare, dirty laundry piling up, and unanswered emails clogging our inboxes.
However, somewhere in the blur that has been this summer, I did manage to attend – survive might […]

Wines From Spain Spotlighted On WBW#35

Here we are again gang!  Time for WBW#35, Spanish wines under $10.00!  I totally enjoy this Wednesday as so many suggestions pop up for new adventures in tasting. Our host is Michelle over at My Wine Education and we thank her for bringing us all together once again to enjoy everyone’s findings on this “hot” […]

Wine To “Grab-N-Go”

Memorial Day – that’s when it started.  “Tis the season to be jolly”… well jolly, yes, of course!  But no, it’s not the Christmas season, although there are some folks who celebrate Christmas in July, but I am not going there right now.  No, I am talking about My new season. Tis’ the season to […]

A Grenache for Great Grape Day!

For my very first Great Grape Day, which also turned out to be my very first post here on Wine Sediments, I decided to consult with my friends at one of my favorite wine shoppes here in Fairfield, CT, Black Rock Wines and Liquors.
I just asked that he find me a decent bottle of Grenache […]

It’s A Great Grape Tuesday!

Spanish Wines.  Yep, I have been on the “kick” this summer for Spanish wines.  So I was a happy camper when it was decided to spotlight “Garnacha” for our Great Grape Tuesday.  Now, do I want to go high end or low end in pricing?  I decided to go to the inexpensive group.  But let […]

Garnacha/Grenache - an Introduction

The same grape but two different names.
In Spain this red variety is Garnacha. It is the most widely cultivated grape in Spain where it is easy to grow and supplies producers with good yields. Often used in blends as its body, fruitiness and inherent ‘meatiness’ make it a great partner. Rioja is a blend of […]

1996 Prado Enea from Bodegas Muga

Sometimes we figure we just need a treat – no special occasion, just a treat for the sake of it. One such evening a couple of weeks ago, we popped the cork on a bottle of 1996 Prado Enea from Bodegas Muga.
“Massive fruit, subtlety, maturity, complexity, and elegance” was the descriptor in John Radford’s classic […]

Upgrade Your Plonk

The Boston Globe recently published a list of top wines available for $10 or less. “Plonkapalooza” began with 50 wine picks from five regional stores which were evaluated in a blind tasting by local bartenders and buyers.
Despite the strength of the euro, the majority of finalists were European. No wines were nominated from inexpensive powerhouse […]

Quick Guide to Portuguese Wine Labels

By Andrew Barrow

Portugal land of mellow mists and rampant fruitfulness, or is that England*? Any-road-up its a land that produces a heck of a lot of wine. Delicious wine to boot, made all the more interesting by the plethora of interesting grape varieties they use many are not seen outside the country.
Portuguese wine […]