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Goats in the Glass, Goats in the Grass

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that I’m a fan of the pun.
Well, they might not. It’s a deep, dark secret of mine. Even more secret than that whole hobo killing thing…
Which I guess isn’t as secret now as it used to be.
One of my favorite wines… or, at least, a wine […]

Chenin Blanc from South Africa

With wine popularity growing exponentially these days, folks are starting to experiment with different wines and wine regions.  I am going to suggest that you give Chenin Blanc from South Africa a try.  I am sure you will be delighted.  Did you know that South Africa is the 9th largest producer of wine in the […]

It’s time for Rosé game

Really, it is! Rosé wines, a time underdog, now very cool, are living a period of transition: they are reaching more wine lovers and, overall, wine lovers like them. For example, American wine lovers are showing more and more interest for this kind of wine: and sales go up ( 40%). In particular the ones of […]

Cartoon wine labels for Stormhoek

Hi everybody new WineSediments friends and readers. My name is Fabio Ingrosso, a new-boy in this eclectic network of wine writers. I am an Italian, I started an ‘activity’ called vino24 and I can’t live without … wine. I think presentations are usually boring, so let’s go with my first post. It’s about Valentines and […]

Golf Balls and Grapevines

Once you’ve made your mark on the PGA Tour and proven yourself among the best golfers in the world, what comes next? The answer for some Pro Golfers is to trade playing on finely manicured fairways for tending the vineyard. Golf and winemaking have a lot in common, right? Uh…okay, maybe not. But they do […]

Autumn Reds

Who doesn’t love a good list, right?  Terry Kirby of the The Belfast Telegraph taps into the ease and familiarity of a list and provides what he considers to be the best ten red wines for Autumn.  Here are the top three and what Kirby has to say about each.  Check out the full article […]

Upgrade Your Plonk

The Boston Globe recently published a list of top wines available for $10 or less. “Plonkapalooza” began with 50 wine picks from five regional stores which were evaluated in a blind tasting by local bartenders and buyers.
Despite the strength of the euro, the majority of finalists were European. No wines were nominated from inexpensive powerhouse […]

European Time Features Wine Worries

It’s hard to fight against the law of supply and demand, and the October 30th issue of Time magazine’s European edition features an in-depth cover article about how economics are wreaking havoc in the wine market. From France to Australia, winemakers are feeling the pinch as consumption, although increasing overall, cannot keep up with the […]