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Port and Chocolate Extravaganza

Decadence arrived in a new form at the Liberty Wine Merchants 16th Annual Port and Chocolate Extravaganza. Over 40 ports interspersed with sherries and dessert wines plus one of the tastiest food groups ever – chocolate. Lots of chocolate.
Following tradition, this delicious event was a fundraiser for Amateur Sports BC and brought together an eclectic […]

There’s no Grenache in my cellar

A gentle second reminder from our leader Andrew, and an embarassing realisation that I was one of the few regular contributors not to have written something for Great Grape Day, sent me scurrying off to my cellar (ie: the garage) to seek out some Grenache to taste. Of the 150 or so wines, I found […]

Tasting and comparing wine

I’ve been lucky that through my work supporting the International Wine Challenge, I’ve been able to taste a huge number of wines. This has really helped my WSET Diploma studying. And with my exam on fortified wines only 4 weeks away I need all the help I can get.
I managed to taste a range of […]

The WSET Diploma and fortifieds

Relief! I’ve passed the first of the exams for my WSET Diploma, this being the one on wine production.
I was concerned that I hadn’t read widely enough although I had put in enough hours, 80 compared to the WSET guidance of 60. There were some sections of the Oxford Companion especially on rootstocks and diseases […]

Oh Sherry!

Sherry gets a bad rap. At best, its a supporting player in wine-based cocktail recipes. At worst, its what your maiden aunt drinks before supper at 4:30 in the afternoon. In the United States, it’s hardly considered at all. But sherry deserves more love: its an old and integral part of Spanish cuisine, its delicious, […]

Port the Latest to ‘Go Organic’

By Andrew Barrow
Port house Fonseca has released a fully certified organic Port - Terra Prima.
Terra Prima Organic Reserve, to give its full title, has been in development since the founding of an organic vineyard inside Quinta do Panascal in 1992. This small plot of land was one of the first in the Douro Valley […]

Port and Port Styles, Part 3 - Links & Recipes

By Andrew Barrow
Concluding this three-part overview of the styles of Port, a mention should be made of links for further info. While port as a subject is rather lacking across the main wine-related blogs, there is a German-language blog covering all aspects fo the subject aptly named Port Blog. There is also the the English […]

Port and Port Styles, Part 2: Vintage, LBV, Single Quinta and Colheitas

By Andrew Barrow
Last week the basic styles of port (tawny and ruby) were detailed before moving on up to the delicious (and my favourite category), aged tawnys.
Vintage Port
It is Vintage Port which receives all the hype and attention and what most people think of when discussing the subject; but it accounts for a tiny […]