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Find The Best Wine Deals Online, a San Francisco based wine portal, today unveils a free wine search engine enabling users to search for wines at over 3,300 U.S. wineries and retailers.  Vinquire inventories over 500,000 wines and offers users the ability to find virtually any wine at competitive prices.
Unlike other wine search engines, Vinquire displays all wine search results […] adds Wine Lover’s Companion

Everyone and his mother knows and uses Wikipedia. I even saw the presenters use it on BBC News 24 last week. I’ve used it myself on a few occasions in researching for wine details, in many areas it is lacking though.
I have been a fan of for awhile, they offer a little desktop widget […]

What Is Your Source For Wine Information ?

Where do you get and trust your wine information from?  Magazines?  Internet? Wine Blogs?  Books? Pocket Guides?  Your Local Wine Merchant?
I have been “into” wine for the past, well I do not want to tell you how many years.  But let’s put it this way, long before the internet became the tool it is today.  […]

Summertime Wine Drinking

Ahhh, summertime and the livin’ is easy!
Although the official meteorological summer season is still two weeks away, in our hearts and minds, summer is in full bloom. I live in Minnesota, where we take our summers very seriously as they seem so blessedly short. I know that when my summer comes upon me, my mind […]

Wine tech for the gadget lover

Over the past couple weeks, three different gadgets crossed my IntarTubes and I really wanted to share them, if only because I could get a laugh out of one of them.
First, the laugh.
We all know that wines should be served at certain temperatures. Reds should, generally, be a little chilled, 5-10F below room temperature. Whites […]

WBW #33 Languedoc-Roussillon, Mid Priced Wines From The Midi

Soaring aromas of ripe dark fruit escaped the bottle as I uncorked this 2003 Corbieres CastelMavre Grande Cuvee Red Wine.  This wine is produced in one of the largest wine appellations in the Midi, Corbieres.  Being French, it was hard to find the “exact” grape content of the wine.  But, in researching the area, I […]

Santé! Wine Job Offers Up in France

France’s number one wine job board, Vitijob, has reported a sharp increase in the number of offers over the past year. “Optimism is coming back” to the French wine market, promises Vinimarket in an April 6th news brief (link in French.)
Vinimarket reports that the number of jobs available on the wine recruitment site is up 70% for the first quarter of […]

Sangiovese Postscript

All right, so I didn’t write an article about Sangiovese for Tuesday’s Great Grape Day. But I did find the coolest photo. The problem was, like Ken, I had some…let’s say…technical issues.
But a few days after deadline, the photographer who had taken what may be the most striking Sangiovese photo on the Web (I sure […]

Thresher 40% Off Voucher - Another Success?

Threshers, the UK nationwide Off-Licence chain, met with huge success last December with a money off voucher. Such promotions are not usually known for making national (and international) news and front pages of the press.
But this promotion was different. It used the viral nature of blogs to spread the word of the voucher across the […]

Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Now On Ipod

Wine Spectator have released their Top 100 Wines of 2006 for the iPod.
Each year, Wine Spectator surveys the wines they have reviewed over the past twelve months and select the most exciting for the Top 100. This year, using Mogopop, these Top 100 Wines have been compiled into a portable, take-it-anywhere guide for iPod.
“The Top 100 […]