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How do you keep up to date?

How do you keep up to date with the wine world these days? I’ve found out what works for me although I still suffer from information overload some times. My interests are as follows –

current hot topics such as closures, global warming, harvest expectations and so on
recommendations on wines to try and buy
educational material especially […]

A Wine for WBW

For once I am ahead of the game! I have found, consumed and written up a wine for the next round of Wine Blogging Wednesday.
Yep, over on Spittoon, if the ’schedule’ facility works correctly, there will appear a wonderful little post on the delights of a white from Venezia Giulia, Italy. It is all primed for […]

My New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when most people make, or at least think about making, New Year’s resolutions. Spurred on by the discussion on Grape Radio recently, I thought I’d have a go at making up my wine related resolutions. Being a Scot New Year’s Eve, or Hogmanay as we call it, is important […]

Wine Gifts to Go at Pour

Pour, that Upper West Side wine store I hear so much about, has a full selection of wine related gifts ready for those time and idea-strapped people this Christmas.
Among them, the “Let it Snow Stocking Stuffer” includes a bottle of Montepulciano, a pourer, a spill ring and a cork retriever and sells for $25, the […]

Wine in the Digital Age: Cyber Surfing Nightmares

I’ve just spent a few hours researching some wines Susan and I are tasting next week. Well, attempting to research would more appropriately describe this exercise in frustration. I’m still astonished how many winery websites are hard to find, poorly laid out, and then give little or no information. Sometimes I dig through page after […]

Wine Blogging Wednesday Flickr Group

For all you budding wine photographers the Wine Blogging Wednesday group has set-up a flickr group to highlight your endeavours.
Open to WBW participant bloggers only the group will be a great way to publicise your blog post in addition to forming a nice resource of all the wines reviewed. One photo only per month to […]

Food Blog Awards

Luckily for us wine lovers the Food Blog Awards has a for drink category. Not just wine, of course, but cocktails and beer related sites are all covered as well.
This year the nominations were far and reaching. After a hectic weekend of discussion between the various judges (of which I was one), the group came up with […]

Chateau Petrogasm: Visual Wine Tasting Notes

Over the weekend we revisited a site we discovered in the summer. Based on the classic premise of a picture being worth a thousand words – yes, we know it’s a cliché, but it’s still valid – Chateau Petrogasm uses images to convey both the experience of drinking and the impression of a wine. Some […]

UK Chain Threshers 50% Off Voucher

Just a quickie for all those UK-based readers.
Threshers, the national off-licence chain, is releasing a 50% off voucher in this coming Sunday’s Telegraph newspaper. The voucher gives the discount off the own-label Radcliffe range. Full details on UKWinesOnline.
Our experience of the range is generally fine - some decent wines at the very least. With 50% […]

Decanting Wine

Do you decant your wine? I’ve long been an advocate of decanting all wines regardless of quality; a little air can often do wonders.
This fun little video from  the chaps and chapesses at Real Meal TV discusses the very subject. It is one of several wine related video clips which include wine and chocolate, chilling […]