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w00t, I say. w00t indeed.

So, if you’re like me, I feel very sorry for you.
HA! Just kidding. Now where was I? Oh yeah, if you’re like me, you’re a bit of a geek. So, a lot of what I’m about to discuss is probably old news to you. But, I’d wager some of you […]

Biodynamic Wines

Biodynamics is part of the work of Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian scientist and philosopher. Biodynamics as a science deals with an approach to farming that goes beyond organic farming. Organic farming is an approach, as many of us are aware, that uses approaches such as not using chemicals in the farming process. Biodynamics goes further […]

Battle Of The Boxes

Living in the southernmost city of the U.S. for the past 8 years, my wine selections have tended to lean towards all the white wines out in our great wine world.  Having temperatures most of the year in the 80 degrees range with a nice percentage of humidity, you want something refreshing and crisp on […]

Only 98 Americans Hold the WSET Diploma

The New York Sun’s Peter Hellman reports that only 98 Americans have a Wine and Spirit Eduction Trust diploma.   I hold the distinction of being the wine rookie here at Wine Sediments, so when I saw this story I thought: “the what diploma?” 
The WSET diploma is issued by the British-based Wine & Spirit Education Trust. An individual can receive […]

Sauvignon Blanc – The World Over

Poor Sauvignon Blanc, often second fiddle to Chardonnay in the popularity hierarchy of noble white grapes, or reduced to being the object of snickers and grins as yet another person makes use of the “cat’s pee on a gooseberry bush” descriptor.
Far more than a country cousin or feline excretion, however, its zest for life and […]

Blogger Appointed Director of SWRA

No word on his blog but a press release has just been released that announces that Tom Wark has joined the Specialty Wine Retailers Association As Executive Director.
Wark will lead the association as it works to build a national marketplace for retailer-to-consumer sales in the face of artificial and protectionist barriers to trade.
“Tom’s long background in wine […]

Someone Help the Ice Wine!

Okay, call out the emergency crews - Ice Wine is in danger.  Of course, this has to happen just when I have discovered some of the sweetest, most delicious wines created by man.  My boss shared a bottle at our office Christmas party and I plan to get some to share at my New Years Party […]

New Indiana Wine Trail

According to the Hendricks County Flyer, a local paper in Hendricks County, Indiana now has a new wine trail. It’s called the Indy Wine Trail with seven wineries currently linked, all in central Indiana.
The Indy Wine trail is comprised of Buck Creek Winery, Chateau Thomas Winery, Easley Winery, Ferrin’s Fruit Winery, Grape Inspirations Winery, […]

American Wine Blog Awards 2007

Tom Wark over at Fermentations has announced his intention of organising an annual award specifically for wine blogs. Details appear to be under debate still but it would appear they will be categories for four different types of blog - wine reviews, wine news, blogs for the wine trade and those blogs run to teach and […]

Do the Wealthy Know Wine?

The Luxury Institute is a market research organization that focuses solely on the wealthiest 10% of Americans. They produce several publications with the goal of providing market feedback on what wealthy spend their money. On December 6, the Luxury Institute released their Luxury Brand Status Index (LBSI), which includes the top deluxe table […]