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Decanting Wine

Do you decant your wine? I’ve long been an advocate of decanting all wines regardless of quality; a little air can often do wonders.
This fun little video from  the chaps and chapesses at Real Meal TV discusses the very subject. It is one of several wine related video clips which include wine and chocolate, chilling […]

Find The Best Wine Deals Online, a San Francisco based wine portal, today unveils a free wine search engine enabling users to search for wines at over 3,300 U.S. wineries and retailers.  Vinquire inventories over 500,000 wines and offers users the ability to find virtually any wine at competitive prices.
Unlike other wine search engines, Vinquire displays all wine search results […]

English Vineyard for Sale

If you have always dreamt of managing your own vineyard and are looking for an established estate then the sale of Old Luxters/Chiltern Valley Wines on the South Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire border may be of interest.
Perhaps an English estate was not your first choice but there is more to Old Luxters than just wine. They have a […]

Wine in the Time of Global Warming

An image of a grape vine trellised to a date palm provides a whimsical view of what the future might hold for viticulture in the next fifty years. However, the article that accompanies this illustration makes it clear that the impact of global warming is no laughing matter (Goldfarb 2006). Moreover, despite former U.S. Vice […]

Wine and Golf

The impending publication of a yet another wine book has set me thinking of the similarities between wine and golf. Bear with me as there are similarities and I don’t think it’s just a personal view.
I’ve been a keen golfer all my life (well, I am a Scot) and have acquired quite a collection of […]

Shaving with Wine???

It’s been around for a while now, but it’s kind of new to me.  Maybe that’s because it’s been focused toward women and not men.  What am I talking about?  Skincare with wine!
Carlo Mondavi, of that family, has started Davi Skin, Inc., a company that makes skincare products using microencapsulated anti-aging ingredients that include wine.
We […]

New Standards for British Columbia’s Wine Industry

Although there’s been little fanfare, British Columbia’s wine industry has a new set of standards and regulations. Thanks to a provincial law passed on July 18, 2007, and named the Wines of Marked Quality Regulation, these new standards come under the umbrella of the BC Wine Authority (BCWA) which will implement the newly enacted regulations […]

Wine Tasting Debauchery…A growing trend?

Just saying the words ‘Wine Tasting’ conjure up images of quiet serenity; sedate folks swirling rhythmically, seeking out color nuances and aromas and lifting crystal glasses to their lips to procure a small sip that is contemplated thoroughly before either spitting or swallowing.
This is how it should be, and at most wine tastings I have been […]

Wine…Waiting On A Friend

In our busy world, it seems we spend a portion of our lives waiting.  You know, waiting on buses, trains or cabs to head to work, waiting in line at the grocery store or waiting at your favorite place, the dentist or doctor. 
Those really are not necessarily the most fun places to be waiting.  I […]

European wine reform

After one year’s discussion the European Commission have adopted proposals for a wide-ranging reform of the Common Market Organisation for wine. This aims to increase the competitiveness of EU producers, win back markets, balance supply and demand, simplify the rules, preserve the best traditions of EU wine production, reinforce the social fabric of rural areas […]