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English Wine in 2008

I wonder if 2008 will be as good as 2007 was for English Wine?
The year has certainly started well with the lifting of the European Union planting ban. This was put in place in 1999 to compensate for the excessive volumes of low quality wine being produced elsewhere in the EU. It prevented the UK […]

WSET Diploma Progress Update

When I wrote my first post for Wine Sediments I had just started on the 2 year WSET Diploma course. I am now halfway through it, with my final exam scheduled for 9 January 2009, although I do have one more essay to submit in April 2009. There have been some interesting unrelated benefits I […]

A Wine for WBW

For once I am ahead of the game! I have found, consumed and written up a wine for the next round of Wine Blogging Wednesday.
Yep, over on Spittoon, if the ’schedule’ facility works correctly, there will appear a wonderful little post on the delights of a white from Venezia Giulia, Italy. It is all primed for […]

My New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when most people make, or at least think about making, New Year’s resolutions. Spurred on by the discussion on Grape Radio recently, I thought I’d have a go at making up my wine related resolutions. Being a Scot New Year’s Eve, or Hogmanay as we call it, is important […]

Wine Blogging Wednesday Flickr Group

For all you budding wine photographers the Wine Blogging Wednesday group has set-up a flickr group to highlight your endeavours.
Open to WBW participant bloggers only the group will be a great way to publicise your blog post in addition to forming a nice resource of all the wines reviewed. One photo only per month to […]

English Vineyard for Sale

If you have always dreamt of managing your own vineyard and are looking for an established estate then the sale of Old Luxters/Chiltern Valley Wines on the South Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire border may be of interest.
Perhaps an English estate was not your first choice but there is more to Old Luxters than just wine. They have a […]

Sing a song of six pièce…

Just so you know, a pièce is a Burgundian wine barrel capable of storing between 215 and 228 liters of wine.
But anyhoo.
I was debating what to write about this go around and, frankly, I’m a little wined out, despite the fact that we had two new bottles in the past 72 hours. Or maybe that […]

My Favorite Halloween Wine

That’s right… Halloween wine!
We all have guilty pleasures, those things we like that we don’t really want people to know we like. Examples could be a 45 year old truck driver that secretly listens to Ashlee Simpson CDs while on the road, or a vegetarian that goes to the next town to buy bacon once […]

Wine and Golf

The impending publication of a yet another wine book has set me thinking of the similarities between wine and golf. Bear with me as there are similarities and I don’t think it’s just a personal view.
I’ve been a keen golfer all my life (well, I am a Scot) and have acquired quite a collection of […]

Open Sesame!

Back in the old days, when it came to opening a bottle of wine, I used one of those picnic basket style cork screws. You know the kind, little tube, cork screw has a plastic knob on top with a hole in it that the tube fits through. Heck, I bet you have three in […]