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Small Plates, Perfect Wines

Small Plates, Perfect Wines, a new cookbook from Andrews McMeel Publishing, featuring mouthwatering recipes and wine pairing tips, is now on bookstore shelves and available to order online.
Meze, tapas, antipasti, antojitos–no matter what you call them, small plates offer big flavor, and this is a style of dining and entertaining that has taken the country […]

Sauternes and Barsac

I helped out at a trade event in London devoted to Sauternes and Barsac the other week. Entitled “Sweeties with Savouries” it set out to show how both Sauternes and Barsac can be drunk not only with the usual foie gras and desserts but also with all the courses of a complete meal. With courses […]

A Lambrusco for Wine Lovers

You cannot have a better match with a plate of salumi than with this wine. Chill it up a little bit, and start your engines. From the Grasparossa grape, I took a bottle over to a chef from Emilia-Romagna the other day. He has known me for years, but has rarely if ever acknowledged my presence in his world. When […]

A Taste of Argentina: Two Wines from Patagonia

This was originally going to be one of those quick and dirty reviews. Two Argentinean wines, a snack provided by Chef Tim (that would be Tim Ellison, one of our favourite local sommeliers and co-founder of the BC Wine Appreciation Society), followed by a fast dash through the Cambie Liquor store to stock up on […]

Port and Chocolate Extravaganza

Decadence arrived in a new form at the Liberty Wine Merchants 16th Annual Port and Chocolate Extravaganza. Over 40 ports interspersed with sherries and dessert wines plus one of the tastiest food groups ever – chocolate. Lots of chocolate.
Following tradition, this delicious event was a fundraiser for Amateur Sports BC and brought together an eclectic […]

Food and Wine Matching in Context

I had a lunch the other day which was very enjoyable – great food, good wine, stunning location, nice views and pleasant company – and it set me thinking about the pairing of food and wine. There is a lot written about the importance of matching food and wine and there are many web sites […]

A Roussanne Blend - Château Val Joanis

For a merchant marketed as a French specialist the range in my local Nicolas was very disappointing. It’s an ex-Oddbins branch converted earlier this year. Comparing the range stocked between the two (they both have the same parent company) couldn’t been more marked. Oddbins has hundreds of wines; now the shelves seem very sparse.
Just a few wines […]

How important is the vintage?

Does it bother you when you don’t get the vintage you ordered in a restaurant? What I’m describing is the situation where the list names the wine, gives a decent description and then the vintage and the price but there is no caveat at the bottom along the lines of “we reserve the right to […]

There’s no Grenache in my cellar

A gentle second reminder from our leader Andrew, and an embarassing realisation that I was one of the few regular contributors not to have written something for Great Grape Day, sent me scurrying off to my cellar (ie: the garage) to seek out some Grenache to taste. Of the 150 or so wines, I found […]

Indian Summers, Spices, and Mangalore

Jodi Rogers, our illustrious wizard of special events at the Cambie Liquor store, has been poking fun at us of late. “You guys are just all about wine, aren’t you?” she said to me when I bumped into her a few weeks ago. “You never come to any of our other tastings – it’s just […]