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Calling All Centenarians: The Wine Century Club

If you’ve been sipping Assyrtiko, Ehrenfelser, Xarel-lo, or Zweigelt lately, chances are you’re eligible for membership in the Wine Century Club. Now more than two years old, this obviously fun-loving group of wine enthusiasts was founded by Deborah and Steve De Long in the spirit of adventurous wine drinkers everywhere. Now I ask you, do […]

Semillon: Plain Jane or Belle of the Ball

Tonight’s wine tasting gives new meaning to the word “contrast”. On the table are two wines from Down Under: a Parri Estate and a Noble One Botrytis Semillon from De Bortoli. Both wines are 2004 vintages, both are 100% Semillon, and that’s about where the similarity ends.
First up is the Parri Estate (shown right harversting […]

Sangiovese Postscript

All right, so I didn’t write an article about Sangiovese for Tuesday’s Great Grape Day. But I did find the coolest photo. The problem was, like Ken, I had some…let’s say…technical issues.
But a few days after deadline, the photographer who had taken what may be the most striking Sangiovese photo on the Web (I sure […]

Amarone Meets Rossini and Callas

Frank’s Food and Wine Pairing
I’ve always wondered why Rossini retired at the height of his fame. One day he was at the peak of popularity, the next he vanished from the musical scene of his day.
The story goes that he decided to quit writing operas so he could go home, eat, and enjoy the company […]

Open That (Big) Bottle!

My husband and I had hauled around this magnum bottle of 1988 Gaillac red wine for 15 years. It was a going-away gift when we left the Tarn department, where Gaillac is located, and it had taken rides in moving trucks from Albi to Tours in 1992, then from Tours to Rodez in 1995.
I would […]

Open That Bottle Night - “A Special Occasion” in Acton, MA

My wife and I love the concept of “Open That Bottle Night” as it presents a “special occasion” and a good excuse for us to dip into our wine cellar. 
We review wines for a living for the website and have a lot of wine on hand as samples to drink.  As a result, much of our […]

Open That Bottle… or not

Not all plans come to fruition. Just as not all bottles loveingly squirrelled away, fawned over, and stroked (OK, that’ll be just me then!) meet expectations.I have had this single bottle of Côte Rôtie in my ‘cellar’ for years. It never seemed the right moment to open it. Like many I guess the longer a […]

The Ideal Valentine’s Day Evening: Dinner at the Musée du Vin in Paris

I will probably be home sipping some sparkling Vouvray on Wednesday,  but if I had my choice of any Valentine’s Day dinner in the world, I would certainly whisk my husband off to Le Musée du Vin in Paris.
This year, the museum is offering a special Valentine’s Day dinner. The unforgettable evening will include a candlelight […]

Getting a jump on Valentine’s Day — wine and chocolate

Ask me about Valentine’s Day in a non-cynical moment and I’ll actually focus on the positive. Valentine’s Day should be a day to do something good for your beloved. Gifts, romantic gestures, etc. are commonplace. (Cynical Mike says, “Why shouldn’t that be every day?” Down boy.) Two traditions stand out for me — wine and […]

Wine Blah Awards ~ Breaking From the Pack

Notes from a few wine pro’s, all of us thinking less about awards and more about a rewarding experience.
Tony McClung of Neil Rosenthal Wine Merchants,“I went to a tasting recently of an Italian importer that I respect very much… I left a bit concerned. I could see a lot of higher alcohol, over-extracted wines creeping […]