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Decanting Wine

Do you decant your wine? I’ve long been an advocate of decanting all wines regardless of quality; a little air can often do wonders.
This fun little video from  the chaps and chapesses at Real Meal TV discusses the very subject. It is one of several wine related video clips which include wine and chocolate, chilling […]

My Favorite Halloween Wine

That’s right… Halloween wine!
We all have guilty pleasures, those things we like that we don’t really want people to know we like. Examples could be a 45 year old truck driver that secretly listens to Ashlee Simpson CDs while on the road, or a vegetarian that goes to the next town to buy bacon once […]

Wines of Morocco

I’ve just got back from a week in the very South of Morocco and was surprised to see a number of local wines readily available. Subsequent research in the Oxford Companion to Wine shows that of all the North African countries, Morocco probably has the greatest potential for producing good quality wine. Having tasted a […]

Wine…Waiting On A Friend

In our busy world, it seems we spend a portion of our lives waiting.  You know, waiting on buses, trains or cabs to head to work, waiting in line at the grocery store or waiting at your favorite place, the dentist or doctor. 
Those really are not necessarily the most fun places to be waiting.  I […]

Cel-e-brate good time - WooHoo!

Sometimes you just gotta celebrate something.
Maybe it is a birth, maybe it is an award, maybe it is a death (if, y’know, you’re one to celebrate the death of someone), maybe it is just all your friends who are strewn about the world finally ending up in the same town at the same time.
But what […]

Building a Vineyard on dreams and sweat- Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote about my friend Nicole Dietman, a budding viticulturist, and the new vineyard she is building on her property in Buffalo, MN. The back-breaking work of digging holes for the trellis system was done in April. Then came the hard, dirty work of actually planting 300 vines in the soil.
This […]

Keeping the Faith of Terroir

I have the faith. I believe in terroir.
What prompted this public assertion? A couple of weeks ago I was reading a posting by Alder Yarrow from Vinography commenting on an article about terrior that had been published in T Style magazine (New York Times). The premise: does terroir exist? And can it be proven, or […]

w00t, I say. w00t indeed.

So, if you’re like me, I feel very sorry for you.
HA! Just kidding. Now where was I? Oh yeah, if you’re like me, you’re a bit of a geek. So, a lot of what I’m about to discuss is probably old news to you. But, I’d wager some of you […]

“Then & Now” Part II - J. Lohr Winery

OK, I am back at it again.  Let’s just call it Part 2 of Then & Now.  I cannot resist diving into that old tasting notebook of mine, spotting a wine that I said I enjoyed back in 1994 and tasting it again here in 2007. 
I probably have been drinking that same wine over the […]

Wolf Blass Changes Your Outlook on Picnics

Listen up all you folks who think the move from cork to Stelven is horrific. Here’s a new one to ponder. How about plastic wine bottles? Yup, that’s plastic – just like a bottle of 7-Up or Pepsi. So call me a hypocrite. Like Frank, I’m a big time advocate of Stelven closures over cork. […]