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Ponderings on Points, Amarones, and Arias

I have been traveling back and forth across the country for the last two weeks and have been working long days for months. In between flights and endless delays in airport waiting lounges, I try to make study time for my WSET exam coming up all too soon in a few days. After a grueling, […]

A Lambrusco for Wine Lovers

You cannot have a better match with a plate of salumi than with this wine. Chill it up a little bit, and start your engines. From the Grasparossa grape, I took a bottle over to a chef from Emilia-Romagna the other day. He has known me for years, but has rarely if ever acknowledged my presence in his world. When […]

Le Vigne di Zamo Tocai Friulano

I’ve had the good fortune to visit the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region, featured in this month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday, several times on business. I went to Trieste which is about as far round you can go in Italy in a north east direction before you hit Slovenia. It’s a very pleasant place, obviously Italian but with a […]

A Wine for WBW

For once I am ahead of the game! I have found, consumed and written up a wine for the next round of Wine Blogging Wednesday.
Yep, over on Spittoon, if the ’schedule’ facility works correctly, there will appear a wonderful little post on the delights of a white from Venezia Giulia, Italy. It is all primed for […]


I helped out at an event devoted to Prosecco last week. DOC Prosecco is experiencing a steady growth in sales in Europe with 40,200,000 bottles of 2006 sparkling Prosecco DOC sold to date. This was the first major tasting in the UK for 32 of the most important producers all from the DOC area of […]

Vinitaly is going to land in US

Are you ready? You can see the best italian wine fair directly in US: Chicago followed by San Francisco and Los Angeles. It’s a part of the Vinitaly World Tour 2007, which will stop also in Tokyo on 27 November, for the 2nd Exhibition of the best italian wines, and in Shanghai, 29 November-1 December, for […]

Tracking the elusive Pignolo

Calling all wine lovers; quick, tell me about Pignolo wine.
If you’re like me, faced with a bottle of pignolo, you might have gone ‘Huh? Is it white or is it red? And where does it come from? Is it like a pignoli (a pine nut?) What pairs with it?’
To answer all of the above: Red, Italy, No; […]

Wine To “Grab-N-Go”

Memorial Day – that’s when it started.  “Tis the season to be jolly”… well jolly, yes, of course!  But no, it’s not the Christmas season, although there are some folks who celebrate Christmas in July, but I am not going there right now.  No, I am talking about My new season. Tis’ the season to […]

Chianti Classico

I helped out at a trade event this week which was all about Chianti Classico. It was held at the Dali Museum in London, quite a “surreal” location for a wine event. There were 37 tables all devoted to Chianti Classico plus a table of 1997 vintages and a Masterclass.
It was a wonderful opportunity to […]

The Italian Wine Train

It is called the ‘Montalcino Express’ and it started work last month. The wine train is organised by Roberto Cipresso (2006 Wine Oscar), Giovanni Negri and Fabio Leccisotti in collaboration with the Province of Siena, the Province of Grossetto, Centostazioni, Finanziaria Senese di Sviluppo, Seatrain, SanPellegrino-Acqua Panna, Grana Padano.
The train will travell all around the Val […]