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Decanter Magazine - March 2008

The latest edition of Decanter (March) came out this week, and several articles caught my eye.  The first was entitled Start Your Own Wine Cellar. As I’m often torn between buying bottles to drink and those I think I may like to keep for a special occasion, I was drawn to the profiles of the […]

Dispelling Wine Myths

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, people will be uncorking bottles of wine the world over.  After all, when you think romance, wine is never far behind.  In her book, The Simple & Savvy Wine Guide, author Leslie Sbrocco suggests “a deep red wine such as a sparkling Shiraz” as the perfect drink to celebrate the […]

UK Chain Threshers 50% Off Voucher

Just a quickie for all those UK-based readers.
Threshers, the national off-licence chain, is releasing a 50% off voucher in this coming Sunday’s Telegraph newspaper. The voucher gives the discount off the own-label Radcliffe range. Full details on UKWinesOnline.
Our experience of the range is generally fine - some decent wines at the very least. With 50% […]

New Release from the Beaucanon Estate

The Beaucanon Estate has just announced the release of their 2007 Sauvignon Blanc, a ”mineral wine with blends of citrus, floral aromas and of tropical passion fruit, mango and kiwi flavors.”  This newest wine in their collection was produced at their estate in Napa Valley, using grapes grown right on the hillside at the High Valley […]

Fancy Some Canned Wine?

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes the introduction of canned wine.  Yes, that’s what I said.  Canned wine.  Taking the step of eliminating the cork and its potentially distasteful bacteria, a Buenos Aires, Argentinean company, Iron Wine, has gone a completely new route, introducing both red and white wines in 8-1/2 […]

Wine and Golf

The impending publication of a yet another wine book has set me thinking of the similarities between wine and golf. Bear with me as there are similarities and I don’t think it’s just a personal view.
I’ve been a keen golfer all my life (well, I am a Scot) and have acquired quite a collection of […]

What’s in a Name? Another New AVA Proposed in CA

As Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a name? Would a rose by any other name still smell as sweet?” Or, more to the point, would a wine labeled by any other AVA still smell (and taste) as wonderful?
An AVA (American Viticultural Area) is a delimited, geographic region used to designate wine regions within the United States. […]

Wine Tasting Debauchery…A growing trend?

Just saying the words ‘Wine Tasting’ conjure up images of quiet serenity; sedate folks swirling rhythmically, seeking out color nuances and aromas and lifting crystal glasses to their lips to procure a small sip that is contemplated thoroughly before either spitting or swallowing.
This is how it should be, and at most wine tastings I have been […]

European wine reform

After one year’s discussion the European Commission have adopted proposals for a wide-ranging reform of the Common Market Organisation for wine. This aims to increase the competitiveness of EU producers, win back markets, balance supply and demand, simplify the rules, preserve the best traditions of EU wine production, reinforce the social fabric of rural areas […]

Love and Wine: A Thirst for Romance?

The classic fairy tale of discovering a message in a bottle just took a new turn – a pretty weird one.
Here’s the premise. You’re lonely and looking for romance. Grab yourself a bottle of Soif de Coeur wine – the blue label for guys, pink for girls (give me strength) – in your choice of […]