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It’s A Great Grape Tuesday!

Spanish Wines.  Yep, I have been on the “kick” this summer for Spanish wines.  So I was a happy camper when it was decided to spotlight “Garnacha” for our Great Grape Tuesday.  Now, do I want to go high end or low end in pricing?  I decided to go to the inexpensive group.  But let […]

Garnacha/Grenache - an Introduction

The same grape but two different names.
In Spain this red variety is Garnacha. It is the most widely cultivated grape in Spain where it is easy to grow and supplies producers with good yields. Often used in blends as its body, fruitiness and inherent ‘meatiness’ make it a great partner. Rioja is a blend of […]

Great Grape Day VIII - Grenache

For this edition of Great Grape Day we are delving into the delights of the Grenache or Garnacha. The former is the French name, the latter Spanish. Both produce wines of distinction and delight from the grape.  Increasingly it is seen in the new world too.
What will the Wine Sediments team discover?
The intention is not […]

I hate rosé

I admit that I can be a snob when it comes to rosé. I hate them and don’t mind telling people I hate them. They’re for new wine drinkers, who will, by the grace of God, realize that Syrah rules the wine world!.
Okay, maybe that’s a bit heavy handed. But I really don’t care for […]

Top Rosés From a Vin De Pays Tasting

In the UK a trade paper organises a most excellent competition to discover the top 100 Vin De Pays wines. Judged by some of the most familar names in the UK-wine journo field some 1,115 wines were submitted to this years tasting. The winners included a section for rosés; with the following results:
Best Rosé of […]

Rosé… You don’t have to drink up the red wine…

Apologies to Sting and the Police…
Another Great Grape Day, another wine I don’t usually drink.
We hear from our wonderful litre….err.. leader middle of the month, letting us know what we have to look forward to, and look forward we do. Well, I do. Can’t speak for the others.
When I heard our mission this month was […]

Drink the Pink

Summer’s come early this year, it seems, so you may be in the market for something a little “cooler” to go with your evening meal. Rosé is an excellent choice. They’ve got a little more “oomph” than many whites, so you can use them with any number of foods, but they’re still very refreshing when […]

Discover Rosé Wines This Summer

1967 was the “Summer of Love” in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district.  So I’m declaring the summer of 2007 as the “Summer to Love Rosé.”  Perhaps we can even have a theme song.  Maybe AC/DC can re-issue one of their famous songs as Whole Lotta Rosé.
O.K., enough AC/DC Rosé wine fun.  What is Rosé?.  Why is […]

Think Pink: Rose Wine Tasting Aids Breast Cancer Research


It’s not often we get the chance to taste wine and support cancer research at the same time. I’ve lost almost half my family to cancer, Frank’s lost several friends. So when we saw one of Vancouver’s premier restaurants was hosting a four-course, “Think Pink” rosé wine and food pairing dinner throughout the month of […]

Tasting one hundred rosés

OK, I’ll admit it from the start I really didn’t taste 100 rosés for Great Grape Day but I did have the opportunity.
This week is the London International Wine & Spirit Fair and there is a special stand dedicated to the top 100 rosés as judged by a group of distinguished wine trade people. The […]