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Let’s put the Oh! in Organic! And Rousanne! And Marsanne..err.. o.

Ok, two out of three ain’t that bad. Unless, of course, you’re counting failures and not successes. In which case, you’re pretty bad.
But that’s a bit tangential, which, I’m sure, if you’ve read me before, you know is par for the course.
And, if you’ve read me before, you know my hatred for white wines, a […]

A Roussanne Blend - Château Val Joanis

For a merchant marketed as a French specialist the range in my local Nicolas was very disappointing. It’s an ex-Oddbins branch converted earlier this year. Comparing the range stocked between the two (they both have the same parent company) couldn’t been more marked. Oddbins has hundreds of wines; now the shelves seem very sparse.
Just a few wines […]

Roussanne Blends From Paso Robles

When this month’s Great Grape was declared as Roussanne and Marsanne, I knew I would have a small sample to choose from.  These 2 grapes originate from the Rhône Valley in France.  Neither grape is particulaly easy for winemakers to grow and use in making wine.  Both are usually blended with each other or other […]

Welcome To Great Grape Day!

As summer is heavily upon us, and seeing those high 80 degree temperatures upon us every day, it was a pleasure seeking out our Great Grape Day wine this month.  Roussanne & Marsanne Grapes are on our plate this month and spending time in the nice cool air conditioned wine store on my adventure was […]

Great Grape Day IX

For this edition of Great Grape Day we are delving into the delights of the those two obscure Rhone varieties Roussanne and Marsanne. The two are - and this is a generality - blended together in the Rhone but from the New World they can appear as single varieties. What will the Wine Sediments team discover?

The […]

A Grenache for Great Grape Day!

For my very first Great Grape Day, which also turned out to be my very first post here on Wine Sediments, I decided to consult with my friends at one of my favorite wine shoppes here in Fairfield, CT, Black Rock Wines and Liquors.
I just asked that he find me a decent bottle of Grenache […]

There’s no Grenache in my cellar

A gentle second reminder from our leader Andrew, and an embarassing realisation that I was one of the few regular contributors not to have written something for Great Grape Day, sent me scurrying off to my cellar (ie: the garage) to seek out some Grenache to taste. Of the 150 or so wines, I found […]

Your what hurts?

No word of a lie[1], here’s the conversation from my wine shop:
Me: What would you recommend for a grin ache?
Store person: Alleve.
Me: No, really, I have to write a post about it. I’d like something local…
Store person stares at me.
Girlfriend laughs at me.
Store person (to girlfriend): Is he drunk? Are you ok? Should I call […]

The Secret Life of Grenache

It’s one of the world’s most planted grapes but tough to find unblended in a wine bottle.  Jancis Robinson describes it as “noted for brawn rather than beauty” in her classic reference book Vines, Grapes, & Wines. A quote from a reader of What To Drink with What You Eat by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen […]

Grenache - A GREAT Barbecue Wine

Being a barbecue guy and a wine lover, I like to find wines that fit into the barbecue world.  Some wines don’t fit well… Sauvignon Blanc is a bit too light for the spices used.  Syrah can overpower pork and chicken.  One of the wines I like most with barbecue, though, is Grenache.
The tastes from […]