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Giving the Gift of Wine

Usually when people give a bottle of wine as a gift, it’s in one of those pricier velvet-style gift bags that get lost before it can get reused, or those metallic ones.  The folks at Random House are offering a new, unique alternative and, best of all, if won’t break the bank.
These Wine Lovers Gift […]

Discover Four Heart-Healthy Diets

Have you heard?  Red wine is actually good for you.  Along with a nutritionally balanced diet, of course, and everything in moderation, so says Roger Corder in his book, The Red Wine Diet.  A perfect gift for your fellow wine-lover or to use when planning your next wine tasting party.  In the book, Corder reveals […]

Tag Your Wine With These Hip Charms

A few years ago, wine charms were all the rage.  Heck, they still might be, but I haven’t seen a lot of them lately.  If the wine charm phase was a little too cutesy for you, the folks at Modern Twist have a sleek, hip new charm that may be more your speed.  It slips […]