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Wine co-operatives

Did you know that around 30% of German wine is produced by co-operatives? And despite co-ops being seen to be typically French or Italian, they exist in South Africa and Australia? And did you know that one of the largest co-ops in Europe has 1,000 growers tending 10,000 hectares producing 600,000 hectolitres in a typical […]

Working hard but having fun

I’m working hard at my studying for the WSET Diploma but I’m also enjoying myself.
The hard work comes from having 600 hours of studying over a 2 year period. If you break that down, that’s around 6 hours per week so just like a full day. I’m fortunate in that I’m only working 3 days […]

Global warming’s impact on Riesling

A Rheingau Riesling is considered one of the finest Rieslings in the world but that hallmark may come under threat from an unlikely source. Not a New World Riesling, or even a domestic knock-off; the threat is non other than global warming.
At the end of the 19th century, Riesling wines were fetching higher prices on […]

Oz Meet Mosel Mogel

Wait a minute. A Down Under winemaker showing off a bottle of German Riesling and a Mosel Mogul with big, fat Aussie Cab in hand? In the gregarious spirit of Old World meets New, award-winning winemakers Stuart Blackwell (right) and Ernst Loosen (left) swap bottles to give us journalistic types a stellar photo op.
The event […]

Upgrade Your Plonk

The Boston Globe recently published a list of top wines available for $10 or less. “Plonkapalooza” began with 50 wine picks from five regional stores which were evaluated in a blind tasting by local bartenders and buyers.
Despite the strength of the euro, the majority of finalists were European. No wines were nominated from inexpensive powerhouse […]