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Summer Cocktails

When the h-o-t Summer temperatures are too much for you, take a departure from your usual glass of wine and enjoy a Summer Cocktail instead. In our house, this White Wine Strawberry Sangria is affectionately called “Mom Juice,” but whatever you call it, its delicious iciness is perfect when temperatures are soaring.
White Wine Strawberry […]

Josh Hermsmeyer - Bio

Josh Hermsmeyer is a new father and, in his spare time, he moonlights as the Generalissimo of Capozzi Winery. Josh is blogging the birth of Capozzi, a new Russian River Valley Pinot Noir winery, over at PinotBlogger: the Capozzi Winery blog. Josh studied Economics and Winemaking at UC Davis, where he met and was swept […]

Around the Wine Blogs

Have you heard of the wine-smelling robot? It is to be used to detect grape variety and provenance of the wine being tested.
Pinot Blogger debunks ten wine myths - from wine turning to vinegar overnight to the benefits of smelling a cork.
The food and wine matching blog-challenge - Combinations - this month is […]

Nancy Smay - Bio

Nancy Smay is a full-time freelance writer who maintains her own blog, AdLib, which offers ramblings on wine, travel and life. Smay currently lives in San Diego, though shes undergoing heavy wine therapy in preparation for an upcoming cross-country move to Maryland, a state that doesnt allow interstate wine shipping. Splitting her efforts between private […]

Supermarket Wine Brands

The writers here at Wine Sediments are always hunting out the new, the obscure and the good in our ever-continuing hunt for vino experiences.
The more obscure the grape variety, the smaller the production, the more interesting the wine maker and it is guaranteed to get us excited. But there is a need to remember that […]

Cate O’Malley - Bio

Consider me a wine virgin. Admittedly, when I’m drinking wine, it’s usually because it’s part of a cocktail I made, like White Wine Strawberry Sangria. I am on a mission to find wines I like all by themselves, and I know the, ahem, research is going to be fun. When I’m not popping in here, […]

Madeline Miller - Bio

I think the fact that I am a second-generation Californian (there’s not that many of us) living only 45 minutes from Napa automatically qualifies me to write for Wine Sediments. You want more than that? Um, I like to drink wine and I like to write. I also dive into learning a […]

50 in 50 #8: Utah — Spanish Valley Vineyard & Winery

By Lenn Thompson

As wine blogging star Beau Jarvis of BasicJuice will attest, Utah can be an interesting state when it comes to alcohol. But, much like North Dakota last week, I know very little about Utah…except this time the HBO show “Big Love” is my source of Utah information instead of the movie “Fargo.”
But, even […]

50 in 50 #7: North Dakota — Pointe of View Winery

By Lenn Thompson
I’m a straight shooter, so I’m willing to admit that I know next to nothing about North Dakota. The mere mention of the state only brings one thing to mind: the movie Fargo, which I didn’t particularly enjoy, don’t ya know.
But, when I started this 50 in 50 project, I was forced to […]

50 in 50 #7: Minnesota — WineHaven Winery and Vineyard

By Lenn Thompson

Minnesota is the land of lakes, the Twins/Vikings/Timberwolves…and wine?
Yup. There is grapes growing among them thar lakes. There’d probably even be wine on Lake Wobegon — if it existed outside of the world of Garrison Keillor and A Prarie Home Companion.
The Chisago Lakes area does exist however, and that is where WineHaven […]