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Wine in the Time of Global Warming

An image of a grape vine trellised to a date palm provides a whimsical view of what the future might hold for viticulture in the next fifty years. However, the article that accompanies this illustration makes it clear that the impact of global warming is no laughing matter (Goldfarb 2006). Moreover, despite former U.S. Vice […]

Bio - Liza Daly

I’m half-Irish, half-Italian, which means that I come from peoples who really enjoy their alcohol but also have a respect for the slow-moving, Old World means of producing it. Although I enjoy wines from all regions and across many styles, I have a real fondness for neglected or near-forgotten grapes. My proudest wine moment […]

Bio - Faith Kramer

Faith Kramer contributes to a number of Well Fed sites. In addition, she tries to keep her own blog, Blog Appetit, well fed with morsels on food, drink, recipes and her own adventures in life, liberty and the pursuit of something new and tasty to eat.

Betty Carlson - Bio

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Betty Carlson has worked, cooked, and raised a family in France for the last 16 years. She currently lives with her French husband and children in Southwest France where she teaches college English.
Her food passions include wine, cheese, local produce, and French regional specialties. Her biggest interest, however, is […]

Call It English Wine, not British!

English Sparkling Wine is coming of age. It may not have huge distribution outside these shores, production maybe small, and prices a touch on the high side but quality wise many are excellent. They can certainly hold their own against Champagne soil and growing conditions are very similar.
I am not totally enamoured with the […]

Wine Making Techniques use factor 35!

Aaron Pott, winemaker at the Californian Quintessa vineyard, has let slip a little secret to the Times he uses a moisturiser to protect his grapes.
Far from dabbing a little Oil of Ulay over each of his prized Cabernet grapes he uses a spray that contains small amounts of aloe vera and yucca - ingredients […]

Ruinart Champagne for Wine Blogging Wednesday

Ruinart Brut Ros Champagne, NV, France.
Widely available for around 30/US$70.
Everyone needs friends who come a-visiting brandishing a bottle of bubbly! This being a rose and one delicate in colour, aroma and flavour. Delightful. Gorgeous colour light peach with an edge of pink roses and a strawberry, biscuity edge to the flavour. A little cream… […]

Lynn Krielow Chamberlain - Bio

I am a 30-year career wine professional with a Master of Science in Oenology, 1981 OSU; a Certified Wine Educator, 1985, SWE; with experience in wine on-premise, off-premise, beverage wholesale, wine production, wine travel, wine journalism, wine radio, wine television, wine public relations, wine judge, and wine academia. I have sat the MW exam twice, […]

Wine Blog Events

The plethora of blog events for the foodie side of things is large. There are Sugar High Fridays, End of Months with eggs, cookbook challenges and parcel exchanges. For the wine arena, there are just two.
The grand-daddy of them all is, of course, Lenndevours’ Wine Blogging Wednesday. It has now reached its 25th monthly […]

For the Entertainer in You

Need something to get or keep the conversation going at your next soiree? Check out these nifty disposable wine coasters from Greener Grass Design. A bargain at 48 for $8, it’s sure to liven things up a bit. And since you’re, ahem, already there and shopping, take a gander at these colorful carafes, complete […]