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All that Glitters

Love is in the air this month.  For those of you looking for a way to dress up your Valentine’s Day, consider the object of your affection —the one with the sparkling personality— as your inspiration.
Accordingly, pop open the sparkling wines and celebrate.
If Valentine’s Day is not your thing, there are plenty of other reasons […]

English Wine in 2008

I wonder if 2008 will be as good as 2007 was for English Wine?
The year has certainly started well with the lifting of the European Union planting ban. This was put in place in 1999 to compensate for the excessive volumes of low quality wine being produced elsewhere in the EU. It prevented the UK […]

Celebrating the New Year with Sparkling Wines

New Year’s and bubbles always seem to go together perfectly, and this season was no exception. So with a lazy Saturday between Christmas and New Year Eve, it was hardly a surprise to find sparkling wines featured at every in-house tasting on our re-stocking the liquor cabinet route. How could we refuse?
We’re both fans of […]

A Toast to England

While many people know that Champagne is a sparkling wine, frequently, people are unaware that not all sparkling wines are Champagne. Champagne is a special region in northeast France, where the climate, soils, grape varieties, viticultural practices and vinification methods make it an ideal place to create a world class sparkler. While there are certainly […]

Wine co-operatives

Did you know that around 30% of German wine is produced by co-operatives? And despite co-ops being seen to be typically French or Italian, they exist in South Africa and Australia? And did you know that one of the largest co-ops in Europe has 1,000 growers tending 10,000 hectares producing 600,000 hectolitres in a typical […]

Chekhov’s Last Words

An interesting snippet from a BBC email newsletter -
Did you know?
It was a tradition in German medicine that, should a doctor be dying, beyond all hope of recovery, it was the duty of their attending medical colleagues to offer them a glass of champagne. The Russian playwright and author, Anton Chekhov, was a qualified doctor. […]


I helped out at an event devoted to Prosecco last week. DOC Prosecco is experiencing a steady growth in sales in Europe with 40,200,000 bottles of 2006 sparkling Prosecco DOC sold to date. This was the first major tasting in the UK for 32 of the most important producers all from the DOC area of […]

Think Pink: Rose Wine Tasting Aids Breast Cancer Research


It’s not often we get the chance to taste wine and support cancer research at the same time. I’ve lost almost half my family to cancer, Frank’s lost several friends. So when we saw one of Vancouver’s premier restaurants was hosting a four-course, “Think Pink” rosé wine and food pairing dinner throughout the month of […]

Re-thinking the Pink for Great Grape Day

My experiences with sparkling wines have been limited, admittedly. There was the one from my youth of a bottle of pink bubbly that tasted like fizzy koolaid that made my eyes water and my teeth hurt.
It did nothing to quench my thirst, instead it gave me a wary and unnecessary adversion to ever wanting to […]

Making Champagne Pink

I hate the term “pink Champagne,” because pink is a fluffy, fun color and to me, Champagne — for all its festive overtones — represents serious sipping.
“Champagne rosé“  sounds much more sophisticated and is, of course, the only true form of  “pink champagne.”  Accept no imitations.
Yet there are, unfortunately, other ways to make champagne pink. One that […]