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Kendall Jackson’s The Art of Terroir

To celebrate their 25th Anniversary, Kendall-Jackson is launching ‘The Art of Terroir,’ a coffee table book filled with exquisite images giving a rare and insider’s glimpse to their private and elite mountain and hillside estate vineyards. Located in Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Lake, Santa Barbara and Monterey Counties, these 14,000 acres of elevated, coastal vineyards are […]

Book Review: “Women of the Vine”

“Women of the Vine” promises to “connect with today’s women in the wine industry, whose passions dictate how they lead their lives, how they fight adversity and conquer gender stereotypes in an often male-dominated workplace.” By presenting 20 women involved in the wine industry, author Deborah Brenner had a golden chance to paint a clear […]

Then & Now, Dry Creek Vineyard’s Fume’ Blanc

Cleaning out a much needed space on one of my bookshelves, I came across a notebook that was quite dusty.  Oh my gosh, it was my first book of wine tasting notes, dated 1992.  It was fun paging through and seeing what I had written back then.  Turning to my “American” section, I spotted a […]

Semillon. ‘S wonderful. ‘S marvelous. Well, one of out three.

On first glance your high school science knowledge, coupled with a mistaken quick read, would make you think that Semillon is shorthand for half a million, just like I did. But no! In fact, it’s pronounced Semi-Yawn.
Which, frankly, when it comes to most white wines is what I start doing!
But I do happen to have […]

Biodynamic Wines

Biodynamics is part of the work of Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian scientist and philosopher. Biodynamics as a science deals with an approach to farming that goes beyond organic farming. Organic farming is an approach, as many of us are aware, that uses approaches such as not using chemicals in the farming process. Biodynamics goes further […]

Paso Robles Wines Are Stunning

I recently attended a wine tasting of Paso Robles wines at Anthony’s Pier 4 Restaurant in Boston, MA.  The wineries present were on tour with the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance. 
Their website states that Paso Robles has more than 170 wineries and 26,000 vineyard acres focusing on premium wine production.  Their micro-climates and diverse soils, […]

Imagery Sangiovese

Sangiovese screams spring and summer to me. Why? Because it just seems to go so well with grilled foods! I do a lot of outdoor cooking, and Sangiovese is a great match for a lot of what I like to cook. It goes so well with barbecued foods like pork and brisket, as well as […]

Kunde Estate Offers Green Hiking Tours

If a winter spent sipping wine by the fireplace has left you pining for exercise — with a bit of wine-tasting mixed in, of course — Kunde Estate in Kenwood, California is offering a new activity which fits the bill. Designed for hiking and wine enthusiasts, the winery’s “Eco-Tours” and “Sustainable Winegrowing Hikes” enhance public […]

Wine Winners From Washington DC Wine Festival

While at the Washington DC Wine & Food Festival last weekend I discovered 2 wineries that made quite an impression on me. 
The first was Staete Landt from Marlborough, New Zealand.  Staete Landt is owned by Ruud Maasdam and Dorien Vermaas. Ruud is also the winemaker.  They produce 7,000 cases of estate wines.  Staete Landt is […]

Premiere Napa Valley - Great Grape Day

Last week the Napa Valley Vintners showcased their 2006 wines from the barrel. Mostly red wine, big, lumbering,hulky sorts.
Two wines that provided palate relief were the 2005 Duckhorn and the 2005 Spottswoode Sauvignon Blanc.
Both are predominantly Napa Valley fruit. The Duckhorn is 75% Sauvignon Blanc and 25% Semillon, all Napa Valley. It is a crisp,refreshing wine that keeps […]