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Concept Critter Label @ Vinitaly ~ 3 Girls and a Donkey

Italy is jumping onto the critter wine bandwagon. The latest concept wine shown around Vinitaly was a label called 3 Girls and a Donkey. The first wines that have been kicked around will be entry level wines, a Falanghina white and a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo red. The wines should retail for under US $7.The thinking behind these concept wines is to offer a label that […]

White Chile

Quick Quiz: Name the country in the Western Hemisphere with the longest tradition of wine production…
Considering I’ve already given away the answer, if you answered “The United States,” “Peru,” or “Trinidad & Tobago” – you may stand in the corner for the duration of this installment. Observant readers have already fixed their collective gaze south […]

Greetings and Gewürztraminer

Hello everyone. I guess I’m the newest contributor to Wine Sediments. My name’s Mike, and I’m the proprietor of a blog called The Naked Vine. My shtick is to find decent, interesting wine under $15 a bottle. I hope I can be a good resource for some of you.
As I get underway here — I’ll […]

My First Beaujolais Nouveau

For my first post on Wine Sediments, I thought I’d take a little different take on a big subject this week - the 2006 Beaujolais Nouveau!  Instead of writing about how wonderful it is that it’s coming out today (it is a great thing!), here’s how I first got interested in even trying this fun-to-drink […]

Upgrade Your Plonk

The Boston Globe recently published a list of top wines available for $10 or less. “Plonkapalooza” began with 50 wine picks from five regional stores which were evaluated in a blind tasting by local bartenders and buyers.
Despite the strength of the euro, the majority of finalists were European. No wines were nominated from inexpensive powerhouse […]

Life’s Too Short…

How does the saying go? Life’s too short for cheap wine? Life’s too short for boring wine? Something like that but I forget. But really both are accurate.
There are so many wines now available that those who have more than a passing interest are spoilt for choice; decent wine abounds. There is a heck of […]

Going Pink

Regular visitors to my own site, Sweetnicks, know I’m a little fond of the color pink. So when Family Circle magazine’s recent wine recommendations were all pink picks, I was tickled. And heck, if their recommendations are to be believed, they’re bargains at $8 and under. Now granted, Family Circle isn’t the first place you […]

By Madeline Miller
When wine experts make a “best of” list, it can often be disheartening to the average wine drinker. It is simply not practical for most people to spend $80 on a bottle of wine, unless it is for a special occasion. So what can we drink with dinner without affecting our […]

Two-Buck Chuck Impresses Critics As Well As Customers

By Cate O’Malley
Can a bottle of wine that costs only $1.99 really taste good? Some critics seem to think so.
Two Buck Chuck is the affectionate nickname given to Charles Shaw wine, sold exclusively by Trader Joes. ABC News did a blind taste test recently and pitted both the red and white […]

Vin De Pays Slakes Thirst for Bargain Wines

By Andrew Barrow
UK trade paper Off-Licence News has just published the results of the 3rd (I believe) Top 100 Vins de Pays Wines tasting competition. Top UK taster and journalist Tim Atkin MW headed up a select team of tasters to delve through the delights of France’s Vin De Pays wines, over 1,000 bottles, to […]