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How to Buy Cheap Wine

Surprisingly enough, you don’t have to spend a fortune when buying a good bottle of wine.  There are many, many good, solid wines at lower price points … leaving you enough money to actually buy food to go with it.  Just in time for the holidays, Parade Magazine recently ran a piece with three secrets […]

Remember, Remember the Third Thursday of November

Not quite as poetic as Guy Fawkes day, but, the third Thursday of every November sees the release of Beaujolais Nouveau (as well as the race on every group authored wine blog to get the first post on the wine) to the world.
First, a little backstory. I have a fond place in my heart for […]

Discover Four Heart-Healthy Diets

Have you heard?  Red wine is actually good for you.  Along with a nutritionally balanced diet, of course, and everything in moderation, so says Roger Corder in his book, The Red Wine Diet.  A perfect gift for your fellow wine-lover or to use when planning your next wine tasting party.  In the book, Corder reveals […]

My Favorite Halloween Wine

That’s right… Halloween wine!
We all have guilty pleasures, those things we like that we don’t really want people to know we like. Examples could be a 45 year old truck driver that secretly listens to Ashlee Simpson CDs while on the road, or a vegetarian that goes to the next town to buy bacon once […]

Two Buck Chuck

For those of you who don’t know, “Two Buck Chuck” is the nickname for Charles Shaw wines. These wines are exclusively distributed at Trader Joe’s markets. (Pleasepleasepleaseplease open one in Northern Kentucky!) In California, where Shaw wines produced, you can buy them for $1.99 a bottle. Elsewhere, depending on taxes, you’ll likely find three-or-four buck […]

Organic Wines

The phrase “organic wines” is definitely not one that’s bandied about too often.  And “vegan wines?”  Probably even less.  But that might change if you take a wander over to Organic Vintners.  An online shop offering up a wide range of both vegan and biodynamic white and red wines, they start at a bargain $9 […]

Cel-e-brate good time - WooHoo!

Sometimes you just gotta celebrate something.
Maybe it is a birth, maybe it is an award, maybe it is a death (if, y’know, you’re one to celebrate the death of someone), maybe it is just all your friends who are strewn about the world finally ending up in the same town at the same time.
But what […]

Your what hurts?

No word of a lie[1], here’s the conversation from my wine shop:
Me: What would you recommend for a grin ache?
Store person: Alleve.
Me: No, really, I have to write a post about it. I’d like something local…
Store person stares at me.
Girlfriend laughs at me.
Store person (to girlfriend): Is he drunk? Are you ok? Should I call […]

Earth-Friendly Wine

Yes, believe it or not, there is such a thing, though I’ll admit, it was news to me.  French Rabbit’s Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay are made from grapes that are grown on sustainably farmed vineyards in Southern France. 
The wine comes in lightweight, recyclable containers that create a staggering 90% less waste than […]

Strike Up The Band It’s Jacobs Creek Semillon

It was a rascal to find a bottle of wine down here made from Semillon.  But I did come across a familiar vineyard, Jacobs Creek, at our local store.  In fact, that was the only bottle of wine I could find with that grape included.  So I grabbed a couple of bottles and put them […]