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Wine Winners From Washington DC Wine Festival

While at the Washington DC Wine & Food Festival last weekend I discovered 2 wineries that made quite an impression on me. 
The first was Staete Landt from Marlborough, New Zealand.  Staete Landt is owned by Ruud Maasdam and Dorien Vermaas. Ruud is also the winemaker.  They produce 7,000 cases of estate wines.  Staete Landt is […]

Five New Zealand Sauvignon’s You Must Try

It is well known that New Zealand produces the very best Sauvignon Blanc’s (although producers in the Loire and Bordeaux might well disagree!). Along with Pinot Noir, the countries other strength, over 73% of New Zealands exports to the UK are from these two vines. 
A quick scout through my tasitng notes has highlighted just how many […]

Sauvignon Blanc – The World Over

Poor Sauvignon Blanc, often second fiddle to Chardonnay in the popularity hierarchy of noble white grapes, or reduced to being the object of snickers and grins as yet another person makes use of the “cat’s pee on a gooseberry bush” descriptor.
Far more than a country cousin or feline excretion, however, its zest for life and […]

Wither Hills Stripped Of Award

 New Zealand producer Wither Hills has had a top accolade removed from one of their wines when scientific analysis discovered that the wine in the sample was not the same as that on the shelf.
“Wither Hills was to be named in Cuisine magazine’s list of top 10 Sauvignon blanc wines, but that all changed after […]

Golf Balls and Grapevines

Once you’ve made your mark on the PGA Tour and proven yourself among the best golfers in the world, what comes next? The answer for some Pro Golfers is to trade playing on finely manicured fairways for tending the vineyard. Golf and winemaking have a lot in common, right? Uh…okay, maybe not. But they do […]

Climate change in New Zealand - is there any?

Is there real evidence that global warming is effecting grape growing across the world?
A report from New Zealand finds that, if there is any changes, they are not making any impact in New Zealand. The head of the New Zealand grape research body, Dr Alan Limmer, suggests that there is “no reason to believe growing […]