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Port and Chocolate Extravaganza

Decadence arrived in a new form at the Liberty Wine Merchants 16th Annual Port and Chocolate Extravaganza. Over 40 ports interspersed with sherries and dessert wines plus one of the tastiest food groups ever – chocolate. Lots of chocolate.
Following tradition, this delicious event was a fundraiser for Amateur Sports BC and brought together an eclectic […]

Welcome To Great Grape Day!

As summer is heavily upon us, and seeing those high 80 degree temperatures upon us every day, it was a pleasure seeking out our Great Grape Day wine this month.  Roussanne & Marsanne Grapes are on our plate this month and spending time in the nice cool air conditioned wine store on my adventure was […]

Cel-e-brate good time - WooHoo!

Sometimes you just gotta celebrate something.
Maybe it is a birth, maybe it is an award, maybe it is a death (if, y’know, you’re one to celebrate the death of someone), maybe it is just all your friends who are strewn about the world finally ending up in the same town at the same time.
But what […]

Wine To “Grab-N-Go”

Memorial Day – that’s when it started.  “Tis the season to be jolly”… well jolly, yes, of course!  But no, it’s not the Christmas season, although there are some folks who celebrate Christmas in July, but I am not going there right now.  No, I am talking about My new season. Tis’ the season to […]

The Secret Life of Grenache

It’s one of the world’s most planted grapes but tough to find unblended in a wine bottle.  Jancis Robinson describes it as “noted for brawn rather than beauty” in her classic reference book Vines, Grapes, & Wines. A quote from a reader of What To Drink with What You Eat by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen […]

Aussie Grenache Rocks!!

I love Grenache from Australia! Grenache is grown in the Rhône Valley in France, throughout Spain, in Australia, and in California. I like New World styled Grenache as it really expresses the grape’s terrific fruit flavors. For my taste, Australia and Southern California producers do a great job extracting the flavors I love. I went with […]

Wolf Blass Changes Your Outlook on Picnics

Listen up all you folks who think the move from cork to Stelven is horrific. Here’s a new one to ponder. How about plastic wine bottles? Yup, that’s plastic – just like a bottle of 7-Up or Pepsi. So call me a hypocrite. Like Frank, I’m a big time advocate of Stelven closures over cork. […]

Semillon: Plain Jane or Belle of the Ball

Tonight’s wine tasting gives new meaning to the word “contrast”. On the table are two wines from Down Under: a Parri Estate and a Noble One Botrytis Semillon from De Bortoli. Both wines are 2004 vintages, both are 100% Semillon, and that’s about where the similarity ends.
First up is the Parri Estate (shown right harversting […]

Strike Up The Band It’s Jacobs Creek Semillon

It was a rascal to find a bottle of wine down here made from Semillon.  But I did come across a familiar vineyard, Jacobs Creek, at our local store.  In fact, that was the only bottle of wine I could find with that grape included.  So I grabbed a couple of bottles and put them […]

Oz Meet Mosel Mogel

Wait a minute. A Down Under winemaker showing off a bottle of German Riesling and a Mosel Mogul with big, fat Aussie Cab in hand? In the gregarious spirit of Old World meets New, award-winning winemakers Stuart Blackwell (right) and Ernst Loosen (left) swap bottles to give us journalistic types a stellar photo op.
The event […]