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2006 Food Blog Awards

The 2006 Food Blog Awards have kicked off on our main site. Head on over there and nominate your favorite food blogs.

Great Grape Day II - Viognier

Welcome to Wine Sediments’ second Great Grape Day. This month we are taking a glass or two of Viognier to our lips.
The intention is not to provide comprehensive coverage of all things Viognier but rather for the team to provide interesting snippets on a unified theme. As with our last Great Grape Day, which covered […]

The Times, They Are A-Changin’

Just a few programming notes on what has been going on behind the scenes of the Well Fed Network lately. We have been working very hard on a redesign of the entire network, and it should be going live today or tomorrow. We’re all excited about it, and can’t wait to show it to all […]

Welcome to Great Grape Day

Welcome to Wine Sediments first Great Grape Day.
The intention is not to provide comprehensive coverage of all things cabernet but rather for the team to provide interesting snippets on a unified theme. You wont find details of planted acreage in Chile or a comparison of fermentation temperatures in Bordeaux and Bulgaria - rather a collection […]

FIzz-Tizz: Head of Bollinger to sue French supermarkets

The head of Bollinger Champagne is getting in a tiz over French supermarkets selling his wine because they are ‘destroying the brand’s upmarket reputation’. He is threatening to sue.
French supermarkets are selling Champagne Bollinger as low as 27, compared with a standard retail price of up to 70 in France.
“It’s a veritable organised […]

Announcing Great Grape Day

Cue trumpets…. wait for applause to subside… all sit down now please… for I have a little announcement - we here at Wine Sediments are to have a special day, a special day each and every month.
On this day, grandly titled Great Grape Day, we will feature a number of posts all related to […]

Wine & Dine Radio–Listen online–Send your thoughts.

This week on Wine & Dine Radio …
Alan Goldfarb, Napa Valley Regional Correspondent, talks about Global Warming in Napa Valley in a recent interview with Napa Valley resident, grape-grower, Laurie Wood.
Justin Boeger, Winemaker, Boeger Winery, Eldorado AVA, Sierra Foothills, CA, President, ZAP–Zinfandel Advocates & Producers educational non-profit organization, on CA Senate Bill 1253, […]

Cate O’Malley - Bio

For as long as I can remember, I have loved writing and yearned to be a freelance journalist when I grew up. When I moved out on my own for the first time, I discovered a second passion … cooking. Now, many years later, I still have a love for both and started my site, […]

‘50 in 50′ Bumps Into Moronic Wine Laws, and X Marks the Spot

By Lenn Thompson
As you all know, a couple weeks ago I announced my 50 in 50 project, for which I’ll be tasting and writing about the wines of all 50 states over the course of 50 weeks.
I’m sure you can all imagine how challenging it is to gather/buy/recruit the wines for such an endeavor, […]

Wine and Food: Successful Matching

By Andrew Barrow
Despite some hostile reactions to last week’s post, surprisingly from some quarters who I thought would be ‘well-up’ for the full gastronomic experience, I shall persevere. Today, my top six tips for successful wine and food matching.
1 - Consider the Weight
“The wine bottle?” Now, don’t get silly, talking here about the food. Light […]