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Two Buck Chuck

For those of you who don’t know, “Two Buck Chuck” is the nickname for Charles Shaw wines. These wines are exclusively distributed at Trader Joe’s markets. (Pleasepleasepleaseplease open one in Northern Kentucky!) In California, where Shaw wines produced, you can buy them for $1.99 a bottle. Elsewhere, depending on taxes, you’ll likely find three-or-four buck […]

Drink the Pink

Summer’s come early this year, it seems, so you may be in the market for something a little “cooler” to go with your evening meal. Rosé is an excellent choice. They’ve got a little more “oomph” than many whites, so you can use them with any number of foods, but they’re still very refreshing when […]

Great Grape Day — “Semi-Yawn?”

When the message came across from Andrew, informing us that this month’s “Great Grape” was going to be Semillon, my first thought was “Wha’?” Semi-yawn? What? I asked someone at my wine store, and they said, “Yes, it’s the main grape in Sauternes“. Sow turns? I admit — I still have a lot to learn.

Honestly, […]

Rosso di Montepulciano

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is long-known fine Tuscan wine. Francisco Redi, a 17th century Italian physician, naturalist, and poet, concluded his poem Bacco in Toscana (Bacchus in Tuscany) with the line “Montepulciano of every wine is king“.
My experience mirrors that. I started drinking Italian wine with Chianti, as many do – and I discovered Montepulciano in […]

White Chile

Quick Quiz: Name the country in the Western Hemisphere with the longest tradition of wine production…
Considering I’ve already given away the answer, if you answered “The United States,” “Peru,” or “Trinidad & Tobago” – you may stand in the corner for the duration of this installment. Observant readers have already fixed their collective gaze south […]

Think Pink — Pause and Reflect

On February 24, the Noble Circle Project of Dayton holds its annual “Wear Affair” fashion show luncheon fundraiser. The Noble Circle is a group of breast cancer survivors helping other women with cancer reclaim health through holistic methods. They have created an incredibly supportive, vibrant community — a true source of strength and hope.
My significant […]

Getting a jump on Valentine’s Day — wine and chocolate

Ask me about Valentine’s Day in a non-cynical moment and I’ll actually focus on the positive. Valentine’s Day should be a day to do something good for your beloved. Gifts, romantic gestures, etc. are commonplace. (Cynical Mike says, “Why shouldn’t that be every day?” Down boy.) Two traditions stand out for me — wine and […]

The Boston Wine Party

If you’re anywhere in the Northeastern U.S. — you should put the Boston Wine Expo on your calendar. The dates are February 10-11.
If you plan to attend, Ken Hoggins of has the definitive guide for navigating 1,800 wines from 450 vendors…

Zinfandel — The Eye Opener

When I first started learning about wine, I knew jack about Zinfandel. I knew it was a red. I knew that white zinfandel was what many women ordered in bars when they wanted to look sophisticated but didn’t know any better. I knew there was a section in wine stores for it. But I might […]

Greetings and Gewürztraminer

Hello everyone. I guess I’m the newest contributor to Wine Sediments. My name’s Mike, and I’m the proprietor of a blog called The Naked Vine. My shtick is to find decent, interesting wine under $15 a bottle. I hope I can be a good resource for some of you.
As I get underway here — I’ll […]

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