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Write for Wine Sediments

We offer great coverage of the wine world and are currently looking for more contributors to expand our coverage. You don’t have to have an in depth knowledge of wine, although that is a bonus. If you can demonstrate the ability to write engaging and punchy posts and can commit to a minimum of […]

Meet Semillon

When our editor Andrew informs us of the grape for Great Grape Day, I often shield my eyes. As the resident wine rookie, odds are I will have no idea what it is and usually won’t know if it’s red or white (a testament to Andrew’s ability to pick interesting and uncommon grapes). […]

Only 98 Americans Hold the WSET Diploma

The New York Sun’s Peter Hellman reports that only 98 Americans have a Wine and Spirit Eduction Trust diploma.   I hold the distinction of being the wine rookie here at Wine Sediments, so when I saw this story I thought: “the what diploma?” 
The WSET diploma is issued by the British-based Wine & Spirit Education Trust. An individual can receive […]

Wine Teams Up with Sports

The connection between wine drinkers and sports might not be readily apparent, but according to Reuters, there definitely is one.   Market research company Nielsen conducted a study to find out which sports fans drink the most wine.  Turns out, the unlikely group that holds that distinction are fans of women’s golf.  Who knew?
The same study found that ”wine consumption among U.S. […]

Wine or Lemon with Dinner

Holly Howell of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle recently jumped up on a soapbox in favor of the benefits of wine with dinner.  We already know about the health benefits from both white and red wine, but did you know that wine can actually make your food taste better?
Howell compared the effects of drinking wine […]

White Wine is Healthy, Too!

I was under the impression that red wine was the only type of alcohol that could be enjoyed with the excuse that it had health benefits.  For example, I would think: “Oh, I have to drink this glass of Zinfandel for my heart.  It’s more of an obligation than a luxury.  Really.” 
When I attended the […]

Event Tasting: Worlds of Healthy Flavors

I recently attended the Worlds of Healthy Flavors Retreat, which was hosted by Culinary Institute of America and the Harvard School of Public Health - Department of Nutrition from January 18-20.  The retreat was held in the stunning Napa Valley at the CIA’s Greystone campus.  The weekend was filled (I mean, really filled) with nutritional information.  To […]

Zinfandel Heritage Vineyard

The Zinfandel Advocates and Producers is an association devoted to the promotion of zinfandel and education regarding American Zinfandel.  As part of this mission, ZAP promotes research regarding the origins and history of the Zinfandel grape, in part through the Heritage Vineyard. It is located in the likely location of Oakville, in the Napa Valley.
The Heritage Vineyard […]

Someone Help the Ice Wine!

Okay, call out the emergency crews - Ice Wine is in danger.  Of course, this has to happen just when I have discovered some of the sweetest, most delicious wines created by man.  My boss shared a bottle at our office Christmas party and I plan to get some to share at my New Years Party […]

Wine at the Ahwahnee

When I saw the headline “Ahwahnee Behind-the-Scenes” in the Sacramento Bee’s Food section, I knew I was in for a treat.  Have you heard of the Ahwahnee?  It’s an amazing hotel located in California’s Yosemite National Park, on the floor of the Yosemite Valley.  Just thinking of it brings a wistful feeling….and, on a less wistful note, it’s […]

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