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Terra Rosa Old Vines Malbec

Being one who is always interested in trying out unusual wine varietals, I was thrilled to come across a bottle of 2004 Terra Rosa Mendoza Old Vines Malbec, as Malbec has been my go-to red wine for much of the past year. I love its rich flavors and mellow aromas, happily sipping a glass by […]

Tracking the elusive Pignolo

Calling all wine lovers; quick, tell me about Pignolo wine.
If you’re like me, faced with a bottle of pignolo, you might have gone ‘Huh? Is it white or is it red? And where does it come from? Is it like a pignoli (a pine nut?) What pairs with it?’
To answer all of the above: Red, Italy, No; […]

Wine Tasting Debauchery…A growing trend?

Just saying the words ‘Wine Tasting’ conjure up images of quiet serenity; sedate folks swirling rhythmically, seeking out color nuances and aromas and lifting crystal glasses to their lips to procure a small sip that is contemplated thoroughly before either spitting or swallowing.
This is how it should be, and at most wine tastings I have been […]

Building a Vineyard on dreams and sweat- Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote about my friend Nicole Dietman, a budding viticulturist, and the new vineyard she is building on her property in Buffalo, MN. The back-breaking work of digging holes for the trellis system was done in April. Then came the hard, dirty work of actually planting 300 vines in the soil.
This […]

Building a Vineyard on dreams and sweat

Living in Minnesota has its rewards; a brief but beautiful summertime, numerous lakes, rivers and streams, gorgeous open plains and dense forests, fresh air and a high quality of life. It’s becoming more known for its restaurants and food scene, and gets either high praise or dubious press over the local professional sports teams.
One thing […]

Summertime Wine Drinking

Ahhh, summertime and the livin’ is easy!
Although the official meteorological summer season is still two weeks away, in our hearts and minds, summer is in full bloom. I live in Minnesota, where we take our summers very seriously as they seem so blessedly short. I know that when my summer comes upon me, my mind […]

Re-thinking the Pink for Great Grape Day

My experiences with sparkling wines have been limited, admittedly. There was the one from my youth of a bottle of pink bubbly that tasted like fizzy koolaid that made my eyes water and my teeth hurt.
It did nothing to quench my thirst, instead it gave me a wary and unnecessary adversion to ever wanting to […]

To Your Health with Champagne!

When raising a glass of Champagne and toasting ‘Cheers’, the sentiment is generally a way of praising one’s health and well being in a figurative way.
Now, from an article found on Wine Spectator Online, a study is highlighted where according to research done at the University of Reading in England and the Università degli studi […]

Book Review: Red, White and Drunk All Over…A Wine Soaked Journey from Grape to Glass by Natalie MacLean

There are definitely perks to being a part of WellFed, as I found out recently when I received a personal email from author Natalie MacLean asking me if I would be interested in receiving her free online newsletter, NatDecants. She had received my name from this very site, Wine Sediments, and mentioned that her newsletter […]

Global warming’s impact on Riesling

A Rheingau Riesling is considered one of the finest Rieslings in the world but that hallmark may come under threat from an unlikely source. Not a New World Riesling, or even a domestic knock-off; the threat is non other than global warming.
At the end of the 19th century, Riesling wines were fetching higher prices on […]

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