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Wine Industry Must Court Youth

A survey of 100 twenty-somethings, commissioned by VinExpo, seems to indicate a large, largely untapped market of potential wine drinkers.
Twenty individuals from each of the following cities: London, Paris, Brussels, New York and Tokyo, participated in the international survey of 20-25 year old occasional wine drinkers and shared their thoughts on wine and the wine […]

Rise of the Super-Tuscans

It’s a cry that has echoed through every art form at some time or another: that rigidity limits creativity, and limits the potential of that art to reach its greatest form. The winemakers of Italy, and today’s “Great Grape”, Sangiovese, are no exception and have battled governmental rigidity to establish their own niche in the […]

Sauvignon Blanc – The World Over

Poor Sauvignon Blanc, often second fiddle to Chardonnay in the popularity hierarchy of noble white grapes, or reduced to being the object of snickers and grins as yet another person makes use of the “cat’s pee on a gooseberry bush” descriptor.
Far more than a country cousin or feline excretion, however, its zest for life and […]

When Is A Zin Not A Zin?

When it’s a Primitivo, naturally.
New world winemakers have, albeit grudgingly, abided by law that you cannot call a wine made outside of a given European region, by the name of that region. Champagne is only produced in Champagne, Bordeaux in Bordeaux, and so on. It isn’t the methods that differ, nor the grape varieties used, […]

Hot and Heavy: Vin Chaud

This winter warmer has, for many years, been an iconic presence in Christmas markets across Europe. Whether in the form of the French version (vin chaud), or any of its European contemporaries: English mulled wine, Scandinavian glogg, or German Glühwein, hot spiced wine is always a hit with the holiday crowds. In Europe, […]

Merci, Paris: How comparative wine tastings benefit the entire industry

It’s been a bit of a rough year for the French.  Based upon the principles of Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, the Old World wine juggernaut has been cornered once again into recognizing that its New World brethren have developed into wine producers of equal finesse and skill.  While the recognition may not be a public sharing […]

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