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Wine With Your Veggies Anyone?

I am at the local farmers market.  It was early Saturday morning.  I  had not had breakfast yet.  I was starving.  So what do I do?  I go from vendor to vendor and everything is looking so wonderful that I start filling up my market bag with fresh tomatoes, patty pan squash, corn on the […]

Welcome To Great Grape Day!

As summer is heavily upon us, and seeing those high 80 degree temperatures upon us every day, it was a pleasure seeking out our Great Grape Day wine this month.  Roussanne & Marsanne Grapes are on our plate this month and spending time in the nice cool air conditioned wine store on my adventure was […]

Wine…Waiting On A Friend

In our busy world, it seems we spend a portion of our lives waiting.  You know, waiting on buses, trains or cabs to head to work, waiting in line at the grocery store or waiting at your favorite place, the dentist or doctor. 
Those really are not necessarily the most fun places to be waiting.  I […]

Wines From Spain Spotlighted On WBW#35

Here we are again gang!  Time for WBW#35, Spanish wines under $10.00!  I totally enjoy this Wednesday as so many suggestions pop up for new adventures in tasting. Our host is Michelle over at My Wine Education and we thank her for bringing us all together once again to enjoy everyone’s findings on this “hot” […]

Wine To “Grab-N-Go”

Memorial Day – that’s when it started.  “Tis the season to be jolly”… well jolly, yes, of course!  But no, it’s not the Christmas season, although there are some folks who celebrate Christmas in July, but I am not going there right now.  No, I am talking about My new season. Tis’ the season to […]

It’s A Great Grape Tuesday!

Spanish Wines.  Yep, I have been on the “kick” this summer for Spanish wines.  So I was a happy camper when it was decided to spotlight “Garnacha” for our Great Grape Tuesday.  Now, do I want to go high end or low end in pricing?  I decided to go to the inexpensive group.  But let […]

How Much Of A “Wine Enthusiast” Are You?

Sometimes do you ever wonder how involved in wine have you become?  Addict? Geek?  Nope. 
I would like to classify myself as a “Wine Enthusiast”.  The word Enthusiast is a noun.  A quick definition: an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity. (Like sipping a marvelous glass of wine?)  Encarta World Dictionary describes it […]

What Is Your Source For Wine Information ?

Where do you get and trust your wine information from?  Magazines?  Internet? Wine Blogs?  Books? Pocket Guides?  Your Local Wine Merchant?
I have been “into” wine for the past, well I do not want to tell you how many years.  But let’s put it this way, long before the internet became the tool it is today.  […]

Toads Are Loose On Great Grape Day!

Welcome to Great Grape Tuesday! Summer is officially here so ice up the coolers, fire up the grill and get outside and have some fun! And there is no other refreshing wine during the heat of the day than a nicely chilled Rosé! Believe me, this wine is always at the top of my list […]

Wine Behind The Art - Labels

Looking for something fun to do while you are escaping the summer heat in your local wine shop or supermarket?  Stroll down the wine aisle and check out the fun wine labels that wineries are now using.  Some of them are just too cool!  I have spent numerous hours reading and viewing these wine labels.  […]