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Making Champagne Pink

I hate the term “pink Champagne,” because pink is a fluffy, fun color and to me, Champagne — for all its festive overtones — represents serious sipping.
“Champagne rosé“  sounds much more sophisticated and is, of course, the only true form of  “pink champagne.”  Accept no imitations.
Yet there are, unfortunately, other ways to make champagne pink. One that […]

Book Review: “Women of the Vine”

“Women of the Vine” promises to “connect with today’s women in the wine industry, whose passions dictate how they lead their lives, how they fight adversity and conquer gender stereotypes in an often male-dominated workplace.” By presenting 20 women involved in the wine industry, author Deborah Brenner had a golden chance to paint a clear […]

Semillon Synonyms

Writing a blog post generally leads me to obscure tidbits of knowledge — usually not the knowledge that I was originally looking for. That ’s how researching the use of semillon in French wines — Sauternes, Bergerac, Loupiac, blah, blah, blah — got me plunged into the fascinating world of wine variety synonyms.
The French language […]

Santé! Wine Job Offers Up in France

France’s number one wine job board, Vitijob, has reported a sharp increase in the number of offers over the past year. “Optimism is coming back” to the French wine market, promises Vinimarket in an April 6th news brief (link in French.)
Vinimarket reports that the number of jobs available on the wine recruitment site is up 70% for the first quarter of […]

Sangiovese Postscript

All right, so I didn’t write an article about Sangiovese for Tuesday’s Great Grape Day. But I did find the coolest photo. The problem was, like Ken, I had some…let’s say…technical issues.
But a few days after deadline, the photographer who had taken what may be the most striking Sangiovese photo on the Web (I sure […]

Kunde Estate Offers Green Hiking Tours

If a winter spent sipping wine by the fireplace has left you pining for exercise — with a bit of wine-tasting mixed in, of course — Kunde Estate in Kenwood, California is offering a new activity which fits the bill. Designed for hiking and wine enthusiasts, the winery’s “Eco-Tours” and “Sustainable Winegrowing Hikes” enhance public […]

For Lovers of Labels

In this age of personalized, multimedia website extravaganzas, a low-tech yet fascinating site caught my eye a few months ago. Although lacking a snappy title, Hundreds of nice wine labels from the whole world is definitely worth at least one visit, and probably many. The rather mysterious site, apparently created in Switzerland by “winegirl”, exists […]

Sauvignon Blanc — from Burgundy?

We all know Burgundy whites for their use of chardonnay grapes and, to a lesser extent, aligoté. But one Burgundy white is made up of 100% sauvignon blanc, and until its promotion to AOC status in January 2003, its VDQS name actually included the name of the varietal, a rarety in French appellations.
Sauvignon de Saint-Bris, a vin délimité de […]

Open That (Big) Bottle!

My husband and I had hauled around this magnum bottle of 1988 Gaillac red wine for 15 years. It was a going-away gift when we left the Tarn department, where Gaillac is located, and it had taken rides in moving trucks from Albi to Tours in 1992, then from Tours to Rodez in 1995.
I would […]

The Ideal Valentine’s Day Evening: Dinner at the Musée du Vin in Paris

I will probably be home sipping some sparkling Vouvray on Wednesday,  but if I had my choice of any Valentine’s Day dinner in the world, I would certainly whisk my husband off to Le Musée du Vin in Paris.
This year, the museum is offering a special Valentine’s Day dinner. The unforgettable evening will include a candlelight […]

Betty Carlson

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Betty Carlson has worked, cooked and raised a family in France for the past 17 years. She currently lives in Southwest France where she teaches college English and does freelance writing in her "free time."