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Wine Blah Awards ~ Breaking From the Pack

Notes from a few wine pro’s, all of us thinking less about awards and more about a rewarding experience.
Tony McClung of Neil Rosenthal Wine Merchants,“I went to a tasting recently of an Italian importer that I respect very much… I left a bit concerned. I could see a lot of higher alcohol, over-extracted wines creeping […]

IGT vs. DOC ~ Wrestling with the Question

Adam Lechmere wrote recently in Decanter, “IGT and DOC divide Italian wine world”. It seems the Italian wine world is all a dither over an internal debate over the pros and cons of DOC vs. IGT wines. Bravo, Adam, for reporting this.
I respect Cotarella for what he has done in the Italian wine landscape. Spend a […]

Southern Italy ~ Over the Hearth ~ Celebrate Tradition

It’s not an old Christmas tradition, but during the holiday season I break out the grill and make my mothers Timballo di Melenzane, from Calabria, which I have been making since I was 14. In America it was called Eggplant Parmigiano and it has become my signature dish and has changed and evolved as I […]

Chick Wines – What Women Really Want?

You’ve seen them on the shelves, Mad Housewife , Lulu B,  Bitch. “It’s the wine equivalent of a one night stand”, a recent millennial remarked. Seems like every time I talk to a young woman they are heading for the red wine section. Pinot grigio? Chardonnay? How about a nice Ripasso or a Primitivo? That’s what they’re saying. […]

Master Class ~ Wine as Medicine

We aren’t able to tout the health benefits of wine in America  and health leaders have openly warned against it . In Italy, they don’t have a problem with wine and health. On Dec 5 , 2006 , Giacomo Tachis, the Master of winemakers and consultants in Italy, will give a symposium on Wine as Medicine . […]

Gods, Mentors, and Wine

This weekend, while helping an older gentleman put up some of his belongings, we came upon a treasure trove of older books. Books about the wine business, especially the history of wine, books about Burgundy and Italy, Portugal and early California. One ancient book aroused my attention, Gods, Men, and Wine, by William Younger . Almost impossible […]

Hill Country Surprise!

Deep in the Hill Country of Central Texas, Damian Mandola has built a South of France/ Tuscan inspired wine estate. Viognier meets Vermentino. Mandola Estate Winery. The wine is crisp and surprisingly fresh! The fuzzy peach aspect is tempered by a healthy wash of backbone, just like the longhorn steers that roamed the now gentrified countryside. […]

Far West Texas Viognier

 Viognier in the Old West?
Winemaker Kim McPherson relies on hard won soil from the Wild West days. This is where he grows his Viognier, an unlikely partner for a place better known for cattle rustlers and bushwackers. But here is where American Vionier has staked their claim in the dry, red dirt of Far West Texas.
Kim Pierce […]

Wine Touring in Tuscany? Plan ahead

I have just finished getting the last e-mails of the kind I don’t want to get anymore. They went like this:
Dear Italian Wine Guy,
Thanks for setting us up at Castello di Greatness. Got delayed at the Prada outlet and never made it. I never realized that Piedmont was so far away from Tuscany. Thanks. We’ll look […]

CHINA-ti CLASSICO? On the Wine & Silk Road in China

Tuscany or Tian Shan?
I’ve been talking with Jennifer Hong, who is making wine in this moment, in the foothills of the Tian Shan mountain range in Urumqi, Xinjiang. Ms. Hong commutes between there and her home in San Francisco. The winery is a joint Chinese-American wine project called China Silk Wines. While she is […]

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