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A Lambrusco for Wine Lovers

You cannot have a better match with a plate of salumi than with this wine. Chill it up a little bit, and start your engines. From the Grasparossa grape, I took a bottle over to a chef from Emilia-Romagna the other day. He has known me for years, but has rarely if ever acknowledged my presence in his world. When […]

Concept Critter Label @ Vinitaly ~ 3 Girls and a Donkey

Italy is jumping onto the critter wine bandwagon. The latest concept wine shown around Vinitaly was a label called 3 Girls and a Donkey. The first wines that have been kicked around will be entry level wines, a Falanghina white and a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo red. The wines should retail for under US $7.The thinking behind these concept wines is to offer a label that […]

Bio-Dynamic Sangiovese from the Inner Circle

Two producers of Sangiovese in Tuscany that follow Bio-Dynamic methods are Querciabella and Castello dei Rampolla.
Both make Chianti Classico. Neither make a Riserva. Each one makes a Chianti Classico that eclipses many a Riserva from other producers and catches up to a few Brunellos in quality too.
Querciabella lies in Greve and Rampolla is in Panzano, about 10 […]

Rachael and Rocco do it Dallas style

Rachael Ray is pushing Dunkin Donuts and coffee, Rocco di Spirito is schlepping gourmet cat food and PBS is doing a reality TV show on winemaker wannabees. Does anyone else think the train has come off the rails?
Tonight I was in a steakhouse and ordered a 2002 Chateau St. Georges~St.Emilion. It was on the wine list for […]

What’s the Point?

We must have brought this upon ourselves, in ratings conscious America. Five star dining, 7 point seat belts, 12 step programs. Now we have the ultimate wine rating service.
Just wine points claims we have no time for the details, we want access to the top wines. No clutter, no hassle, just the best rated wines. no […]

Premiere Napa Valley - Great Grape Day

Last week the Napa Valley Vintners showcased their 2006 wines from the barrel. Mostly red wine, big, lumbering,hulky sorts.
Two wines that provided palate relief were the 2005 Duckhorn and the 2005 Spottswoode Sauvignon Blanc.
Both are predominantly Napa Valley fruit. The Duckhorn is 75% Sauvignon Blanc and 25% Semillon, all Napa Valley. It is a crisp,refreshing wine that keeps […]


Every year for the last 6 or so years at Vinitaly, Sicily has been front-and-center in the advance of Italian wine. Wineries such as Planeta and Donnafugata have raised the bar of expectations, while other lesser known wineries, such as Arancio and Colosi have increased interest in easier to access styles of wine. More established […]

Feuillatte Serves Up Some Serious Moonlight

Fashion photo-goddess Donna Trope serves up a Valentine’s vision, with the help of Nicolas Feuillatte cuvée de prestige Palmes d’Or Rosé. A Champagne with cachet, meant for a different crowd, folks not afraid to stray from the Serengeti of style for the masses. The winery claims “a subtle animal hint makes this wine powerful and […]

Primitivo - The Prince and the Extra-Virgin

Anyone who has ever ventured south to the Italian town of Lecce will know they have landed in a place that marks time far differently from our accustomed Western Urban approach. The region has a long history, many conquests, empires and epochs.

Along the way, a grape rooted itself into the history of the region of […]

Nomadic Furniture for the Jug Wine Lover

Am I the only one who missed this? Carlo Rossi jug wine, when empty, recycled into hip-tone furniture for the crib?
Years ago I had a sculpture teacher in Silicon Valley who’s father-in-law was Carlo Rossi. We used to go up to the prof’s house in San Francisco because his wife cooked for us (and she […]

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