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Chekhov’s Last Words

An interesting snippet from a BBC email newsletter -
Did you know?
It was a tradition in German medicine that, should a doctor be dying, beyond all hope of recovery, it was the duty of their attending medical colleagues to offer them a glass of champagne. The Russian playwright and author, Anton Chekhov, was a qualified doctor. […]

LuxeHome and Wine Spectator Launch Chill

LuxeHome and Wine Spectator are hosting a high-end wine and culinary event presenting over 35 wine makers. Out for tasting will be wines from around the world paired with signature dishes from some of Chicago’s most notable chefs.
Hosted in LuxeHome’s 29 luxury kitchen, bath and building products boutiques, Chill will benefit the Respiratory Health Association […]

A Roussanne Blend - Château Val Joanis

For a merchant marketed as a French specialist the range in my local Nicolas was very disappointing. It’s an ex-Oddbins branch converted earlier this year. Comparing the range stocked between the two (they both have the same parent company) couldn’t been more marked. Oddbins has hundreds of wines; now the shelves seem very sparse.
Just a few wines […]

Great Grape Day IX

For this edition of Great Grape Day we are delving into the delights of the those two obscure Rhone varieties Roussanne and Marsanne. The two are - and this is a generality - blended together in the Rhone but from the New World they can appear as single varieties. What will the Wine Sediments team discover?

The […]

Garnacha/Grenache - an Introduction

The same grape but two different names.
In Spain this red variety is Garnacha. It is the most widely cultivated grape in Spain where it is easy to grow and supplies producers with good yields. Often used in blends as its body, fruitiness and inherent ‘meatiness’ make it a great partner. Rioja is a blend of […]

Great Grape Day VIII - Grenache

For this edition of Great Grape Day we are delving into the delights of the Grenache or Garnacha. The former is the French name, the latter Spanish. Both produce wines of distinction and delight from the grape.  Increasingly it is seen in the new world too.
What will the Wine Sediments team discover?
The intention is not […] adds Wine Lover’s Companion

Everyone and his mother knows and uses Wikipedia. I even saw the presenters use it on BBC News 24 last week. I’ve used it myself on a few occasions in researching for wine details, in many areas it is lacking though.
I have been a fan of for awhile, they offer a little desktop widget […]

Top Rosés From a Vin De Pays Tasting

In the UK a trade paper organises a most excellent competition to discover the top 100 Vin De Pays wines. Judged by some of the most familar names in the UK-wine journo field some 1,115 wines were submitted to this years tasting. The winners included a section for rosés; with the following results:
Best Rosé of […]

Welcome to Great Grape Day VII - Rosé

A slight change from the ‘norm’ for this edition of Great Grape Day - rather than a specific grape variety we are taking a look at that great spring time treat - Rosé wine.
The intention is not to provide comprehensive coverage of all things rosé, but rather for our happy band of writers to provide […]

Kendall Jackson’s The Art of Terroir

To celebrate their 25th Anniversary, Kendall-Jackson is launching ‘The Art of Terroir,’ a coffee table book filled with exquisite images giving a rare and insider’s glimpse to their private and elite mountain and hillside estate vineyards. Located in Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Lake, Santa Barbara and Monterey Counties, these 14,000 acres of elevated, coastal vineyards are […]

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