My New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when most people make, or at least think about making, New Year’s resolutions. Spurred on by the discussion on Grape Radio recently, I thought I’d have a go at making up my wine related resolutions. Being a Scot New Year’s Eve, or Hogmanay as we call it, is important although I don’t recall ever spending a Hogmanay in Scotland drinking wine – it was always beer or whisky. I’m not saying I’ll keep my resolutions, but I thought it would be interesting to see what I would like to do time, money and other priorities permitting.

Therefore, I’m going to read more. There are so many good wine-related web sites I know about but never read. There are many books I’d like to read also, especially country or region specific that would help me with my WSET Diploma. Then there are the trade and consumer magazines I should read more of such as Decanter, Wine & Spirit or Harpers.

I’d also like to write more. I keep my own Grapefan blog up to date with one or two entries a week, but feel I could do so much more especially in the way of wine-related photography given my love of taking good pictures. I’d also like to take part in many of the great discussion boards found on the web.

I could also resolve to keep better records of what I taste. Although I have a spreadsheet and I use Tasting Buddy, I also have several handwritten lists and would dearly love to keep them all in one consolidated place.

However the reality is that, in common with most others, I won’t keep to these resolutions no matter how organised or committed I am so I’m going to narrow my resolutions down to just two.

I’m going to taste more especially in a comparative way by opening several bottles at home or at a restaurant trying wines by the glass rather than sticking to the one bottle. After all wine is all about pleasure ultimately and what better way to get that pleasure than by tasting the stuff.

I’m also going to learn more about the wines I taste. I’m going to read up on every wine I taste in the The World Atlas of Wine so I have a picture of where it comes from in my head and in one of my several review books such as Wine behind the Label.

I should be able to stick to only two resolutions.

Happy New Year!

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