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Wines of Argentina

Argentina has been the focus of my studies over the past 2 weeks or so. I may have passed my geography exams at school, but I would have been hard pressed to accurately locate it on a map of South America until recently. When you do learn a bit more about its geography, it explains […]

Two Buck Chuck

For those of you who don’t know, “Two Buck Chuck” is the nickname for Charles Shaw wines. These wines are exclusively distributed at Trader Joe’s markets. (Pleasepleasepleaseplease open one in Northern Kentucky!) In California, where Shaw wines produced, you can buy them for $1.99 a bottle. Elsewhere, depending on taxes, you’ll likely find three-or-four buck […]

LuxeHome and Wine Spectator Launch Chill

LuxeHome and Wine Spectator are hosting a high-end wine and culinary event presenting over 35 wine makers. Out for tasting will be wines from around the world paired with signature dishes from some of Chicago’s most notable chefs.
Hosted in LuxeHome’s 29 luxury kitchen, bath and building products boutiques, Chill will benefit the Respiratory Health Association […]

Terra Rosa Old Vines Malbec

Being one who is always interested in trying out unusual wine varietals, I was thrilled to come across a bottle of 2004 Terra Rosa Mendoza Old Vines Malbec, as Malbec has been my go-to red wine for much of the past year. I love its rich flavors and mellow aromas, happily sipping a glass by […]