Goats in the Glass, Goats in the Grass

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that I’m a fan of the pun.

Well, they might not. It’s a deep, dark secret of mine. Even more secret than that whole hobo killing thing…

Which I guess isn’t as secret now as it used to be.


One of my favorite wines… or, at least, a wine I’ve had more than once and enjoyed it each time… is a little South African number called Goats Do Roam, a play on words of Coates du Rhone, of course. I’ve always found it to be a little dry, spicy, buttery and, generally, just plain tasty. An inexpensive wine for an inexpensive meal. An excellent every day drinking wine.

Another one of their wines, the Goat-Roti (no relation to a goat roti, although I wager they would pair nicely) caught my eye as I knew I needed something to write about. A little about the wine first.  It’s modeled, of course, after the Cote-Rotie, a nice little blend of Syrah and Vioginer grapes. It’s got a very big pepper and berry note and is really strong on the tannins. And it is quite tasty. Wine Spectator[1] gave it a 90.

But it is also for a good cause. Well, above and beyond the ‘John wants to get a little wine buzz on and forget he’s still unemployed’ cause, which is always a good cause. For every eight cases of any of the Goat wines sold, an African village will get a goat, all part of the Kids for Kids program. But wait, there’s a catch. It isn’t worldwide. It is actually the American importer, Vineyard Brands, who is making the donation. Yes, it’s another one of those nasty situations where the bonus is only applicable to the citizens of the US (and maybe Canada and Mexico, but they don’t count ’cause they’re attached, doncha know). On the upside, anyone can donate to the good cause.

So… the summary:

Goats do Roam? Good wine. Recommended.
Goat-Roti? Possibly better, but at least as good. Strongly recommended.
Kids for Kids? Good charity.

[1] Dictionary.reference.com defines spectator as:

a person who looks on or watches; onlooker; observer.

Am I the only one who thinks that’s an odd adjective for someone who should be reviewing wine? Why isn’t it called ‘Wine Drinker’? Now, if it was Wine Speculator, that I could get. I might not like it, but, I could get it.

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