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The phrase “organic wines” is definitely not one that’s bandied about too often.  And “vegan wines?”  Probably even less.  But that might change if you take a wander over to Organic Vintners.  An online shop offering up a wide range of both vegan and biodynamic white and red wines, they start at a bargain $9 bucks a bottle. 

They say:

At Organic Vintners, we believe what’s best for the environment also makes the best wine. That’s why we’re committed to importing a variety of wines produced using healthy and natural practices. All of the wines from Organic Vintners are made with 100% certified organic grapes. Our certifying agencies assure that organic procedures are followed at every stage of production, from vineyard to processing to bottling.

Up to 240 different chemicals have been found in the making of conventional wines. Conversely, organic wines are made with grapes grown without chemical fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides that can hurt soil, plants and wildlife-and ultimately show up in the wine. Instead, biologically active soil is maintained in vineyards through alternatives such as cultivating the soil and planting cover crops, using natural fertilizers, promoting a biodiversity of plants and encouraging natural predators of insect pests. Also, processing (such as filtration and clarifying) is kept to a minimum, with no use of chemical additives. Organic Vintners’ imported wines are produced using minimal sulfites. This ensures great taste and freshness, and prevents oxidation, as winemakers have known for thousands of years.

You can check out their selection right here. Now the real question … are they any good?

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Wow! This is interesting. Maybe I can start experimenting with this. Wonder how such wine would taste like. Thanks for the heads up.