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Working hard but having fun

I’m working hard at my studying for the WSET Diploma but I’m also enjoying myself.
The hard work comes from having 600 hours of studying over a 2 year period. If you break that down, that’s around 6 hours per week so just like a full day. I’m fortunate in that I’m only working 3 days […]

Cel-e-brate good time - WooHoo!

Sometimes you just gotta celebrate something.
Maybe it is a birth, maybe it is an award, maybe it is a death (if, y’know, you’re one to celebrate the death of someone), maybe it is just all your friends who are strewn about the world finally ending up in the same town at the same time.
But what […]

European wine reform

After one year’s discussion the European Commission have adopted proposals for a wide-ranging reform of the Common Market Organisation for wine. This aims to increase the competitiveness of EU producers, win back markets, balance supply and demand, simplify the rules, preserve the best traditions of EU wine production, reinforce the social fabric of rural areas […]

How important is the vintage?

Does it bother you when you don’t get the vintage you ordered in a restaurant? What I’m describing is the situation where the list names the wine, gives a decent description and then the vintage and the price but there is no caveat at the bottom along the lines of “we reserve the right to […]

Building a Vineyard on dreams and sweat- Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote about my friend Nicole Dietman, a budding viticulturist, and the new vineyard she is building on her property in Buffalo, MN. The back-breaking work of digging holes for the trellis system was done in April. Then came the hard, dirty work of actually planting 300 vines in the soil.
This […]

Wines From Spain Spotlighted On WBW#35

Here we are again gang!  Time for WBW#35, Spanish wines under $10.00!  I totally enjoy this Wednesday as so many suggestions pop up for new adventures in tasting. Our host is Michelle over at My Wine Education and we thank her for bringing us all together once again to enjoy everyone’s findings on this “hot” […]

Wine To “Grab-N-Go”

Memorial Day – that’s when it started.  “Tis the season to be jolly”… well jolly, yes, of course!  But no, it’s not the Christmas season, although there are some folks who celebrate Christmas in July, but I am not going there right now.  No, I am talking about My new season. Tis’ the season to […]

A Tour of the Connecticut Vineyards

Recently, on a beautiful early summer Saturday, it was way too nice to stay home and it really felt like a vacation day. In order to roll with that holiday-like feeling, I thought, what could be better than hanging out at a vineyard and drinking wine all day? So my friends and I decided to visit  […]

A Grenache for Great Grape Day!

For my very first Great Grape Day, which also turned out to be my very first post here on Wine Sediments, I decided to consult with my friends at one of my favorite wine shoppes here in Fairfield, CT, Black Rock Wines and Liquors.
I just asked that he find me a decent bottle of Grenache […]

There’s no Grenache in my cellar

A gentle second reminder from our leader Andrew, and an embarassing realisation that I was one of the few regular contributors not to have written something for Great Grape Day, sent me scurrying off to my cellar (ie: the garage) to seek out some Grenache to taste. Of the 150 or so wines, I found […]