A Roussanne Blend - Château Val Joanis

Chateâu Val JoanisFor a merchant marketed as a French specialist the range in my local Nicolas was very disappointing. It’s an ex-Oddbins branch converted earlier this year. Comparing the range stocked between the two (they both have the same parent company) couldn’t been more marked. Oddbins has hundreds of wines; now the shelves seem very sparse.

Just a few wines from the Languedoc; just three whites from the Rhone and a single Marsanne varietal which I’ve tried before and was very disappointed. I did uncover this Château bottled white Rhone, though, that turned out rather nice.

The rear label lists Ugni Blanc, Grenache and Roussanne as the components.

It was served with a baked fish dish which included potatoes and tomatoes accompanied with a Parsley Mayonnaise Sauce. It clashed nastily with the parsley bringing out a metallic edge to the flavour.

With the fish it was fine. By itself it was better.

Theres a rather nice tangerine/orange lingering flavour on the finish. The palate is soft with a touch of stony fruit, dry, even a touch of herbs. Not sure if it was the mellowing effect of the alcohol but this certainly grew on me as the bottle contents diminished.

Château Val Joanis, 2006, Côtes du Luberon, Rhone, France available in the UK from the Nicolas chain for £6.99.

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